Anybody able to get a deal on Shindaiwa Stuff

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Keith, Feb 14, 2001.

  1. Keith

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    With Shindaiwa's recent decision to try to rid the world of internet sales :mad: , are any of you fellas able to get any kind of deal on new Shindaiwa products? I am trying to buy a new hedge trimmer, a DH230-24, and called around a bit today, average price $399 + tax. I think this thing retails for $379. After Grassmaster's urging I tried to deal locally, I really did. But there ain't no way in hell I am paying MSRP plus. That is a full $100 more than Alamia got. If anyone knows of any other "dealers", let me know. I know of one, I am afraid to mention his name, the Shindaiwa police may shut him down.

    As well as Shindaiwa equipment has performed, we may buy our first non-Shindaiwa items in two years.

    Also while we are on the subject, how about pointing me to quality 24 inch double sided non Shindaiwa hedge trimmers :) What brands do you have, what do you like?

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  2. DMC300

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    Keith,one word...redmax.Although the price I forgot.
  3. Likestomow

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  4. Keith

    Keith LawnSite Gold Member
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    Don, I went to Trail Saw and checked out the CHT2300 Redmax, didn't particularly like the rear handle, but it is certainly one I am looking at.

    Likestomow, thanks. I will check it out. They indeed have it

    Does anyone know if that place in Illinois that starts with an R :) still sells Shindaiwa via phone orders? Like I said the Shindaiwa police may be watching. In all seriousness, I may be done with Shindaiwa though. We bought 8 pieces last year at discounted prices. If the dealers want to give that up to make a premium on one piece, I can't deal with you. Do the math local Shindaiwa dealers, 50 dollars profit on 8 pieces is $400, $120 on one piece is just that.

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  5. DMC300

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    LIKESTOMOW,thanks for the site.
  6. KirbysLawn

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    $50 profit per piece? What's wrong with that? What if our customers used this logic when we aerate lawns?

    Strange, we grip and complain about our overhead, expenses, buildings, insurances, power, phone, and the many other expenses in our business. We are stumped by OUR customers who go with the "cheapest" service, and joke when the lawn goes down the tubes, sure they will call us back to fix it back.

    How is this different? Pick the company with the cheapest price, need it fixed then what? On-line companies do not have the overhead that your local stores do, therefore they my be cheaper. When it needs to be fixed are you sending it back to the on-line dealer? I bet local dealers laugh when products not bought from them are brought back in.

    I know I get rapid service from my dealer, we have a good relationship all the way around. What if your local shop was to close, then what?
  7. Randy Scott

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    I have no doubt that Shindaiwa is a quality product, based on what everyone here says(I use ECHO) but is it worth the hassle this company seems to be creating. It's definately BS to pay OVER retail for an item like this or anything for that matter. If your dealer is selling these things over retail because he knows what's going on with the internet deal, he wouldn't be my dealer. That is not right. I firmly believe in supporting your local dealer versus the internet/online purchases, but to get screwed is a different story. He should be able to sell at a fair price to make his cut and make you happy!
  8. Keith

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    Kirby, my point is, why sell me one piece of equipment a year (or less) when you could cut a little slack and sell me 5-10 pieces a year. You will make a lot more money that way. As far as service, I don't expect any. If the equpment manufacturer has been selling me a load of junk, I switch brands. I don't get good service from the dealers here, never have. I tried the loyalty route only to get sh** on. I love it when people preach the local dealer loyalty thing to me. Deal with the people here, you would have a different opinion.

    To expand on this a little, do you ever shop at Wal-Mart, buy fuel from the place with the lower price or just basically buy something somewhere just because it cheaper? If so you are guilty as well :D Would you pay over sticker price for a new vehicle? I doubt it.

    Randy, I think you see my point :) You asked "but is it worth the hassle this company seems to be creating?" No, I don't believe it is! I set out today with every intention on buying a Shindaiwa hedge trimmer locally. Called and called and called only to get a best deal of MSRP, and this being from a dealer I have never dealt with.

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  9. tpirobert

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    Sounds like you have tried to buy locally, but don't like the service ,price or percieved treatment by local dealer. Next logical step is try and buy outside your area. If via the internet, so what. Our economy has expanded beyond geographical borders. I will always support my "neighbors" when I can, but that's not always the best business decision. I've been treated good and bad by local equipment dealers. Sometimes I scratch my head and wonder " what the h** are they thinking?". A buddy of mine has just opened a equipment shop(Toro dealer) and I'm doing my best to help when I can and keep him from becoming a butthead! Echo makes a good product IMO and engine parts/filters are same on different tools.
  10. GrassMaster

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    Hello Everybody:

    Sorry to hear you are having problems with your local dealers. I wish I was there, sounds like they got a good thing going? I could beat them & still make a decent living like my family & I deserve!

    Here where I'm at it is a major job just to get Suggested Retail price & if we get it or close to it we are tickled to death.

    Don't worry about the buying on line, they are all getting ready to go factory direct off the Internet. Less than 10 years. But expect their prices to go way up on Equipment & Parts, because they will then have a Monopoly on their products.

    Also what repair shops are left will probably charge you a lot more for repairs. When this happens over 50% of the Dealerships will go out of business & the Chosen few Survivors left will make MONEY!

    Hey when you sell a Echo 2100 trimmer for $219.99 & your ripping off the commecial Cutter for about $30 bucks gross profit a whopping 15 to 18% markup, then deduct time selling unit, shipping, servicing it out, putting it together & hoping you can sell it the same year you bought it. Well I loose sleep over it & just send them cash in a envelope & they already know who it's from so I do not put my name on it. :)

    It is hard to believe that you have dealers that sell for more than suggested retail price. I wish I was in business there I would be VERY VERY RICH & Then some!

    I can't even get commercial business, because I want them to pay me their bill once a month? I do on the spot repairs, we charge $15 to do pull rope on most units, charge $40 for carb job including removing the tank & cleaning out fuel lines, sharpen blade on commercial mower 21" $3.50, in hand $2.50, on rider $7.50 a blade & so forth. I'm still called a Rip Off. We even warranty commercial work we do & residential some is 10 days & other 30 days. NO questions asked?

    Think about those guys that pay $50,000 for a back hoe & charge $50 an hour? I wonder how they make a profit?

    Like the old saying goes "The Grass is always Greener on the other Side!" I just wish I was on the other side? :)

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