Anybody Barter for Lawn Service?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dhicks, Aug 9, 2000.

  1. dhicks

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    Just wondering if any of you barter for lawn care. I’m tempted to enter a verbal agreement with my Chiropractor. For example, the good doctor has a small one third acre lot, which includes the house and garden while I require chiropractic tweaking each week. I mow four times per month and he cracks my bones four times per month. I would assume this would also need to be reported to the I.R.S. at tax time.

    If anybody else has or is bartering for lawn care services, I would like to hear from you and your experiences. :D
  2. Frank's Lawn & Home

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    My brother bartered with a Chiropractor...Here is what happened...He found numerous things to have done..lawn, trees, shrubs, etc etc...We agreed on an hourly rate, and he agreed on his price per visit....Guess what..We did about $950.00 worth of work, and went to four visits...he still owes us about $800, and my brother just moved out of state...I now have about two years of treatments available....because we bartered, and he won't pay in cash....Needless to say, he does not report this to the IRS either,......
  3. dhicks

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    One thing we (me and the Chiropractor) stated up front is our expectations. I simply mow grass and he does the chiropractor thingy. His wife is the gardener and he's the golfer. I think it can work and to ensure he hold up his end of the deal, I will report my barter to the IRS.
  4. Runner

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    That's o.k., but just remember, he's going to need to take xrays, -extra cost, and he might talk you into "intensive therapy" perhaps twice a week. Be ready! Good luck!
  5. AB Lawn Care

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    I love to barter!It works out great for me!I barter for a guy who owns an auto wrecking yard.That means free parts and repairs.I have also gotten 2 cars for free now!I hope it will work out for you!
  6. ashlandscaping

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    I have done lots of barters. Paid off two mowwers that way. Bought a truck that way. Never any problems I send them a bill end of month like any other customer and they do the same. We each wright down paid and keep track of where its at and not one problem as of today. I have been doing it with my lawer now for 6 years so much per year to have him on retainer. Most times we use his services never get a bill out side the barter. That has been the best barter yet with all the dead beats in my area holding payments till you lien their houses. But it can work just keep record of all. Also screw the irs part.
  7. Acute Cut

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    I have bartered a few times. I mow one ladys lawn and she gives me "chef" lessons. Another lady pulls weeds for me and i mow her lawn for her. Another guy checks my rigs bi weekly for a bi weekly mowing. So far i think i am getting an all around better deal. I had one lady whom offered "anything i could think of" to barter for some extra work on her property. I am not sure what she was implying but i told her i dont barter.

    IF you truly feel that you need your back worked on weekly then i think is great for you. BUT, i would put a stipulation on it. IF either of you feels you are getting "screwed" at any time then the deal is off and you both switch to paying properly for the services. I also like the idea of billing eachother and writing it off. That would take care of your IRS notification. Then as far as they are concerned it is just another bill. Good luck.
  8. richard2

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    i have bartered for everything from computers to garages to places to live..(cottages on estates are perfect for this) now that i have grown up and know full well that cash is king, i would rather enter into you buy i buy deals.unless you live in a small town, but in a major metro kicks ash!
  9. thelawnguy

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    I bartered a job with a Firestone store several years ago, they did 4 wheel brakes and changed the oil while I trimmed the bushes. Truck was done as I finished up, they were happy since they got what would have been a $200 job for maybe $25 worth of parts and I was happy since I got what I consider a good deal on the work they did.

    I do the lawncare for my kids daycare in exchange for part of the expense, it cost me for daycare coincidentally the same amount I take off my 1040 as a tax credit.

  10. jeffyr

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    I like the idea of bartering....but selectively.
    I don't know if I would barter with anyone for exchange of medical services. Seems like too much could go wrong. The eyeglasses are one thing...but any medical procedure in exchange for landscape work is kinda weird.

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