Anybody done work for that "Plowz & Mowz"?

Discussion in 'Franchising' started by wes92395, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. Grassholes

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    Had the same prob with Thumbtack - The customer does not mention that the lawn is cut once per month and is overgrown and they estimate the size of the yard to be much smaller than it is. You find out it is a waste of time when you get there.
  2. Grassholes

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    TaskEasy has already been hitting me up for snow removal. Beware of them too. PITA
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    I wonder if the one post posters that love this app work for the app?
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  4. Tn Turf

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    I think apps like this hurts the industry. Such a waste of time.

    The goal isn't to mow (brush hog) random yards. The goal is to build clientele to be "their" guy for all their weekly cuts and lawn care needs.

    This app seems like they are looking for general laborers to do the work so they can get paid from the sweat off the backs of others. You need to ask yourself... are you a business or a laborer?
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  5. Grassholes

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    You are 100% correct. These apps "connect" you with the customer by getting in between you and your customer and then charging you for access to the customer. These apps kill the industry.
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  6. springfield_pest

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    How does the task easy work with trimming bushes and weeding flower beds. The price they estimate for my house is about what i would expect except the premium service. the amount of bushes that I have and weeding the beds would take half the day to trim and clean up. Will you get more for that if they are over grown and full of weeds.
  7. brycez28

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    I found snow removal through Task Easy to be a blast!!! Take pictures of the snow depth at the road. Wade through the 30" pile of snow. Take pictures on the other side to show the 8" of snow. Scuffle through some more snow and show 7" of snow in the middle of the driveway. By now you can't make your fingers move to work the camera because it is -20 windchill. Move up by the house and show 4" of snow along the grass side of the sidewalk, but maybe 1" of snow along the house because the roof eaves are overhead.

    But as you take pictures, you can't just stand up and get a good picture of the snow measurement on your tape measure, you also have to bend down low to get a good angle on it. Flash went off and can't see the reading. No flash and you can't see it. Move a little bit, yardlight changes focus of the camera.

    Wade back out to your truck, packing down the snow even more and after a second trip through the 30" snowpile from the city your boots are full of snow. Do the job and then take pictures again. Submit the job at 4-9" of snow. Task Easy comes back and after reviewing the pictures says that they will only pay the 0-4" rate because there is less snow along the house where the eaves cover 2% of the total area so the "average" is less than 4". Spend 2 hours back and forth with them on the phone and get nowhere.

    Yes, I'm bitter and won't take jobs from them anymore.

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