Anybody ever bid a hauling job "by the pound"?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by PascoPropMaint, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. PascoPropMaint

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    I've received a request for a bid on a few jobs. One of them is "debris hauling". The bid request asks to specify a price per load based on "250 lbs or less", "251 to 500 lbs", and "501 to 1000 lbs". I know my dump fees for each load, I've just never bid a debris hauling job this way. I'm used to seeing what I'm going to haul away before I give a quote..
  2. tamadrummer

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    Don't quote it any other way than by sight!! It will be likely to bite you in the behind! More than likely you don't want to be working for the people trying to get you to bid without looking!
  3. B_gerrits

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    I agree with Tamadrummer, never bid sight unseen 500lbs of leaves would be a lot of leaves 500lbs of furniture not so much would I charge the same for both loads? I charge for hauling using 3 factors which are never ths same. 1 Time require to load. 2 Distance to destination both time and gas. 3 time required to unload this can be different than loading either for or against. I can unload at the dumps much faster than loading to go to the dumps. It would take less time to take a bed from a downstairs than it would take to carry it to an upstairs apt.
  4. jaybird

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    sounds like code enforcement.
  5. B_gerrits

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    You guys actually have codes on hauling? We have to tarp everything and max weight laws for vehicle but no codes
  6. topsites

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    That would be easy because I get weighed in (and out) when I haul to the dump, we pay $40 for the first ton and I forget what it costs after that because so far I've never had to haul more than a ton... And the minimum is $40 so basically it's $40 a load just in the fee.

    Sure it's by the ton but the scales give me 100th's of a fraction so 500 pounds would be 0.25 tons and I'd guess 200 pounds would be around 0.1 and so on but I've never hauled less than 0.2 tons, heck it usually takes at least 400 pounds to fill the trailer (like in the case of very dry leaves).

    Because it doesn't really matter whether it's 200 pounds or 2,000 it costs $40 to get in the gate, therefore it's not cost-effective to haul anything less than a full trailer load. They save a little bit of money on less than full loads because it takes less time to load and unload, but beyond that I still have to drive to-from the dump and I don't mind bidding it but that $40 fee throws it all out the window real quick.

    Then you need to know at least the type of debris being talked about, it's a whole different story to haul 1000 pounds of leaves vs. 500 pounds of dirt, with leaves I've hauled anywhere from 400 pounds to 1,300 pounds and it was all full trailer loads so it mostly depends on the type and condition of the leaves (dry vs. wet etc). But a thousand pounds of leaves there's no telling if it's one load or two, 500 pounds of dirt I am sure I can haul 3,000 pounds of it and it still fits all on one load easy (beyond 3k pounds is overload, much past 3,400 pounds I have to split it).

    For a full load it's $200.
    190 each for two, 180 for 3, 170 each for 4 and 170 after that.
    Partial loads start at 100 and it goes up quick, a $100 load is hardly worth speaking of in terms of debris amount.

    btw my truck and trailer empty weigh 3.61 tons, no wonder I'm getting 11mpg :laugh:

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