Anybody ever had rouble getting a commercial loan?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by farmboy52787, Apr 2, 2008.

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    Went to buy a new GMC 3500 Regular Cab Chassis with a dump body installed. They told me i had been preapproved and everything would work out but since im still building credit they wouldnt give me the loan because the truck would have a dump body and strictly be used for work not personal. They tried selling me a pickup because they could approve me for any pickup there and i was like i already have a pickup. Ive already been making payments on one vehicle for 17 months so i dont see the difference, hopefully they can work it out if they want my business. Just looking for input, suggestions, or if anybody else has ran into this problem. Thank you
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    see the thread in this forum business section titled "building business credit can be easy" It is very very long and repetetive. Just scroll through and look at the posts by "willretireat40", or myself. If you do it righet you can get a new truck with the best financing they offer within a year in your business name.
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    i was 17 at the time with no credit had to put in in my fathers name

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