anybody ever heard of this on a Powerstroke

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by zabmasonry, Dec 9, 2009.

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    wow never seen that before, Id think it would just be easier to bite the bullet and get a replacement turbo than mess getting the parts to make it non turbo, I would guess you would need new headers and new exhaust plus you would have to mess with all the sensors and computer stuff. But I could be wrong, maybe its easier than I thought.
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    it was in a time that the turbo was in a test phase its one of the first turbos is just the old 7.2 engine with the turbo and heads,exhaust put on it ,its not the same engine as the newer ones

    we had the 7.3 Liter in a 97 just like he is stating and it had a turbo ,a guy told us it was the same as the 98 and newer 7.3's because it was turboand the old 7.2L was the old non turbo engine. we exchanged one from the salvage yard and....... NOT THE SAME we went to rebuild the 7.3 after he took it back and it turns out it was a 7.2 with a turbo , they are the same block . this was the best project we ever got into . the block looks the same. the way the exhaust was , they just cut a spot in the factory cast header and welded in bungs to tighten the bolts up on with out seeing it , i would guess he removed the turbo and jut put a plate over the port and seaedl a few oil ports . the turbos was so weak at boost they didnt even address the timming i think it was like 5 lbs boost(not 100% here but low) ........... you didnt even feel it spool up it just smoked more for the most part .the early ones was a joke i am glad they redesigned them to the 7.3 L in todays trucks
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    I would say it has a 94 engine or converted over to a 94.

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