Anybody ever install this edging

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dfor, May 5, 2004.

  1. dfor

    dfor LawnSite Senior Member
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    I had a lawn customer ask me to install this plastic edging. What a pain in the butt. At least for one person. Wants to stay coiled while putting it in the ground. He was watching and we both agreed he should put in 4x4 timbers. This edging and no patience don't mix. Anybody ever install it??

    plastic landscape edging.jpg
  2. fga

    fga LawnSite Silver Member
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    Definitely a pain, did you have the spikes? Just dig a small trench, and spike it as your going.
  3. 1MajorTom

    1MajorTom Former Moderator
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    It is definitely hard to work with. One time a customer bought the stuff along with bags of mulch for Matt to install. Matt did it for him, but said never again. It is hard to get it to be straight, and Matt had to fight it to get it to look good.
  4. Lawn Dog2001

    Lawn Dog2001 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I have installed it, and I agree it is for sure a PITA!
  5. Rick Jones

    Rick Jones LawnSite Senior Member
    from NY
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    It's a PITA to install and doesn't even look that good, IMO.
  6. EastProLawn

    EastProLawn LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I agree, definitely a major PITA, and Rick is right, the sh!t does not even look good.
  7. Zach76

    Zach76 LawnSite Member
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    I have used it as well, and it is definitely a PITA. If you have to use it, undo it at the very beginning of the job and let it sit in the sun till you need it. This makes it a lot more plyable and easier to use.
  8. pcnservices

    pcnservices LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 614

    Yea, a real PITA.
    A proper trench - depth the same s the rise/height of edging and very straight. Then stake it down as you install. On a very hot sunny day you can let it lay in the sun for a while to soften up. It helps a little bit.
  9. specialtylc

    specialtylc LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Next time get the commercial grade edging. Its much easier to work with.
  10. ksland

    ksland LawnSite Senior Member
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    Another vote for PITA here.....And I also hate it.

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