Anybody ever try cutting the discharge wider on the back side

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jiggz, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. jiggz

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    my older bobcat cuts great but it clumps and dosnt discharge that well.. ""looking at the discharge"" it always starts to cake up on the left side about 3 inches back and thats really the only place of the deck that catches grass..

    The New bobcat DuraDeck has a discharge what looks to be about 4 inches wider and the rest of the deck looks the same.. I'm thinking about just cutting it wider..I have grass catchers wide enough to fit, so if i do it thats not an issue if i ever need to bag..Im thinking if it really affects the cut in a negitive way i can always weld it back on.. I dont see how it really would thoughIm not taking off enough steel to really affect vaccume front and back of the deck are intack..Its not my main mower so down time isnt a concern

    Just wondering if anyone ever has and how it worked out for you? My toro proline has almost a 2 foot opening and it never clumps or windrows
  2. sjessen

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    I cut the opening about 2" wider on both of my 60" Ultracut decks. It has made some improvement in discharge. Check the front baffle on the new deck to see if there are other differences between the two decks.
  3. jaybow

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    You probably would just lose a little vacuum, but gain a better discharge. Mowers like Scag, Dixie Choppers to name a couple, haVe some huge discharge openings and are usually peoples choice that mow a lot of wet or taller grass.
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  4. Richard Martin

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    I "adjusted" the discharge of my Dixie to keep grass from accumulating at the rear of the discharge opening. It would build up there and then just fall off. Very irritating.
  5. Lefet

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    How much "older" of a bobcat and what size?

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