Anybody ever UNplow for nonpayment?

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  1. Alan

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    I'm just curious, has anybody here ever put snow BACK if the dweeb wouldn't pay? I've got one that I'm about to do that to and to hell with legal hassles resulting from it. Guy paid part of his bill but skipped three plwoings in the middle of the year. Won't return calls, won't answer mail. Arrogant little IBMer jerk, I really think that UNplowing him and sending him a credit slip would be fun.
  2. machine

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    I Never done that, but I had a good laugh when reading your post. I will kept it in mind when someone plans on reniging. Though I have piled up a large amount of snow on a buddy's cars doors which made it very difficut for him and girlfiend to get into the car after they had been drinking all night at the bar. You should of seen thier faces when they couldn't find thier car.
  3. RB

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    I had a friend that got stiffed on a big leaf clean up. When the customer complained that she never agreed to that big of a clean up the guy told her, "that's ok, I understand. I still have the leaves in my truck and I'll drop them off next time I'm in your area." The lady freaked! She said if you come close to my lawn I'll call the cops.

    Leaves were never dropped off.

    Send him a certified ltr. from the local Magistrate. That usually works for me when I've had a deadbeat customer.
  4. Alan

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    We plow the local diner, have for years now. A few years ago they had a night manager who loved to give grief at any oportunity. Soooo,, one day I had our small tractor and snowblower over there opening up sidewalks and stuff and I got this hot flash to harass Sherry. The snow was just right to pile up from the blower so I cleared 3/4 of the way around her car and built this wall along the drivers side. Never touched the car, piled the snow up about 6" away from the door. She was SOME HOT when she came out that night. First impression was, "Oh great, Al cleaned around my car". Second impression was, "I'm gonna fix that SOB good when I catch his sorry A$$!"
  5. John Allin

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    My first year in business I had a resident that didn't pay me. In July I put the plow back on the Bronco, drove to his house and parked on his front lawn. Knocked on the door and handed him the (past due) bill and explained that if he didn't pay me right then and there - he was getting one FREE plow..... right then and there.

    He paid me.

    My lawyer told me never to do that again.

    I didn't.

    But I got my money.....
  6. TLS

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    Had a neighbor of a commercial lot complain once about where I stacked the snow. He said it was flooding his yard. I told him that this is XYZ companies' snow, and where it goes when it melts isn't my problem. Plus I have no choice except to put it right there where I always do. (on XYZ's property) He then contacted Mr. XYZ and told them, I then got a call and said that he was confronted by Mr. Neighbor about snow piles. Mr. XYZ knew that the piles had to be either where I put them, or up against his busy loading docks.(not possible) Well this just pissed me off that Mr. Neighbor bothered Mr XYZ, and Mr. XYZ had to call and bother me. So next snow, I accidentally left a nice pile of snow directly in front of Mr. Neighbors driveway. Not noticiable as it being from a plow, because it was wet and slushy. I think he got the point, and has never bothered me since.

    Just got to be careful as this is illegal, and looking back was pretty stupid. It did work though!

  7. lawnboy106

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    I was plowing a commercial lot (shopping center) one night around midnight. In this shopping center was a bar/restaurant. Some jokester who decided to be cute cut right behind my stakebody while I was backing up for my next run. He was close enough that I had to jamb on the brakes to keep from hitting the dumb-ass. Then, instead of parking on the cleared area of the lot....he parks right on the snow that I'm getting paid to clear!!!! WELL, NOW I'M PISSED! When he and his buddies went into the bar.....I plowed the car in on all 4 sides. When I was done, the wheels of his car where 3" off of the ground and he had to dig through a four foot thick wall of snow just to get to his doors!
  8. landscaper3

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    We had a customer owe us for one months service, only $200.00 but still enough to make me upset. I called her about it and even told her we can put you on a payment plan she told me to go F-Off so when next unexpected storm dumped 10" Somehow they had a 5foot banking in the middle of the driveway (boy how did that get there?) She called us up complaing and told us to plow her out!! I siad when I get there you give me $200plus additional $50.00 for that service in cash! She siad no way and hung up. 2 hours later phone rang again she cant find anyone and for me to come up to plow she has the money, I siad I will be there whithin an hour. I get there I ask for the money she says when im done I said no I need the money now and she agian rudly said after, I siad see you later and left. I almost think it was worth the $200.00 dollers to see the look on her face when I left. Thats why everyone is on contracts now at least if I decide to go to court I have a signed contract.
  9. GeoffDiamond

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    Back about 5 or 6 years ago we had a residential that had a house out of state and wanted this one plowed from when the came up ride there sleds. Big circle drive, nice and long, big huge house. Well they didn't pay us for december or january and we knew they were comming up in febuary. So I called them and they told me that they would drop a check off when they were up next week. Well no check, I knew they were leaving sunday morning the end of school vacation week. Well one night we decided to haul some snow off a lot, so we got 3 tri axel loads packed in real tight. Went and dumped them in the driveway one after another, this was about 2 am.

    They called me at about 9 am, asking if I could come plow the snow that appeared. I said sure I be right over if you have the money for febuary, march, december, and january. I showed up with a tri axel and a trailer with a JD 540 loader on it, and went to work, after 2 hours the drive was clear, with nice tall bankings all the way down the sides. I asked for my money, they said it was in the mail, well I said the loader isn't moving till i get my money. No problem they said we will just go over the 4' snow bankings all they way up the drive. Well that idea failed, they gave me my money, I moved the loader put it on the trialer, and took off. BTW we had the loader loaded the night before. Needless to say they sold that house in the spring, and we plow for the new owner. The new owner is one of our best customers.

  10. GeoffDiamond

    GeoffDiamond LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Maine
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    I wouldn't recomend this practice and won't do it again, because it is dare I say mad business.


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