Anybody ever use a Cub Cadet Commercial Z?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Metro Lawn, Dec 28, 2003.

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    Before you guys jump on me for asking this... here is the deal. Everyone knows where I stand on Z's. I own Exmark & Hustler. I however have a buddy that is looking to buy his first Z and even after all my preaching, he has come down to trying to decide between the Lesco Viper and a Cub Cadet Commercial Z. Both are pretty much the same. 60" 25hp Lesco is 6200.00 and Cub is about $500 more. Any input I can pass along? I use to have a few Lesco w/b and never had any issues with them. Just wondering about the Cubs. My advice to him at this point would be to go with the Lesco since They have been around longer. Thanks for the input.
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    The lesco's and the cub z's are both made in streetsboro ohio and owned by Mtd. Lesco no longer has anything to do with the z they went into a joint venture with a co. CTP [commercial turf products] it did not work out and mtd took over for lesco. So both machine are bacically the same. Same assembly line etc. only dif is color they are also producing the MTD PRO line which is unavailable under the cub name at the same plant.

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    And its not LEsco Viper anymore its the Z2. We have the 60 25 kaw and its a great machine.

    I dont understand this statement? Is there somthing wrong with using Lesco machines? If so why do so many purchase there other supplies from Lesco but consider there machines worthless?
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    I don't think he has an issue with lesco equiptment, just that he owns Exmark & Hustler.

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