anybody ever use "pelletized chicken manure"

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    Here is more on the chicken manure and pelletizing process. Nature's Supreme. Down the road about 25 miles from me. Saranac MI.

    Click "Sustainability Story" for the video about chicken droppings and processing into pellets.
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    If you don't mind bulk, the "Super Sack" containers are $209 per ton. Less if you order 20 tons or more. Typical analysis is typically 4-3-2 with 7% Calcium. It also has iron and several micronutrients.

    I am not sure how well the granules, they call "Crumbles", will go through a typical lawn spreader.

    What about it Mr Efficiency? How well do such products work with the "Break-thru" agitator and a Lesco or Permagreen spreader?
    Also the Prizelawn "Bigfoot Spreader".
    Of course...if they use a rotary agitation would have to find a way to put the eccentric cam inside the hopper.

    Suppose you had a large wood or fiberglass box on your 3/4 ton truck. I am sure they would be happy to fill her up direct with about 1000 pounds of the 4-3-2. Then you could go to town and never have to deal with bags. Just find a way to dispense the granules from the bottom of the box like a grain bin door direct to your spreader.
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