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    1. TERRA-SORB used as a water management tool is absorbs water and releases it slowly . i believe you apply with a spreader i think. i am trying to help those customers who have poor watering skills.
    2. LAWN-SWEEPER these are the walk behind gadgets that kinda look like reel mowers with big open bags on the back. suppose to pick up leafs real easy
    3. WALK-BEHIND BLOWERS these just seem like it would make a big mess
    4. SPLIT BOOM POWER EQUIPMENT just wondering can i buy good commercial equipment that has the attachment options ergo trimmer,edger and hedge trimmers
    5. LOAD HANDLERS can i put one on a 5 x 8 trailer

    just trying to fully understand how to utilize my time and money and try to deliver a better quality service thanks to any replies:waving:
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    My old college professor always told us to avoid most soil additives, like terra-sorb. I've never had any contact with them, or ever used them, so I have no hands on experience with them.

    Sweepers are great..... if your a home owner with a medium sized lot. For commercial guys, these are going to fill up way too fast, and they aren't efficent to dump or handle. A collection system for a ZTR is the way to go.

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    thanks turf but a z is out of the question but atleast you responded

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    bump in the night
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    I may be able to help a little with the part of your question about the Terra Sorb. It is basically a polyacrilimide and sold under a lot of different brand names. Terra Sorb would be Profile's brand.

    First off it will absorb 400 times it's weight in water and slowly release it just as they advertise. Turfco commented he doesn't use additaves. I don't think of it as an additive but I guess since you do add it to the soil so it is a matter of interpretation. Still it doesn't change the soil in anyway or alter the fertility. It just sorta sits there and sucks in water and lets it out just like I do beer during the game.

    There are a lot of applications for polyacrilimide. One is when transplanting trees or bushes. Lots of guys will put a gob of it in the root zone before they drop in the plant. I would give this application a 5 star rating. I personally think the cost and time (which is small) is well worthwhile.

    Some other applications involve installing a new lawn. It could be added under sod, sprayed on with a hydroseeding mix or spread or worked in to the top few inches in the soil prep stage depending on equipment. I would give these applications a three star rating, maybe three and a half for sod.

    The last application is what you asked about. Spreading it over an existing lawn. Personally I would give this applicaton somewhere between 1 1/2 and 2 stars. There are two weaknesses. One is it is sitting on top of the soil so it won't get as much water to the roots as you would like but it will help. Sitting on top as it is it will eventually wash away so the effect won't be as long term as if it was worked into the soil or put under sod or bushes.

    Polyacrilimide also comes in different grinds (particle sizes) sometimes classed as A B C D. You don't want the real fine stuff. It will wash away too easy.

    Hope this helps a bit.
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    Terra Sorb and other similar product can be beneficial if applied along with core aerating. I wouldn't just spread it across the top of the lawn without giving a place to get under the soil.

    Lawn sweepers aren't very effective IMO, They will pick up some leaves and put them into the basket, but do not work well on wet leaves, sticks, or anything that is deeper than an inch or two. A good BP blower will work circles around one of these, for a comparable price.

    Split boom power equipment is made by pretty much every major manufacturer just search their sites. When I started out I had one of these from Wal-Mart. It saved me a ton of money but I did slowly buy dedicated equipment, and actually like it better. The thing is I went from homeowner grade multi-tool to commercial grade dedicated tools, so there is really no comparison. I had heard others say that the split shaft (or split boom) tools are heavier and some lack in expected power. I have never used the commercial split shaft tools, so go to your dealer and demo one for a bit to see if you like it.

    What type of "load handler" are you talking about putting on your trailer?
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    we have water absorbers here in texas .they are called cedars.
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    Teresorb has to be worked into the soil pretty well, on the top it looks fairly disgusting kinda like slimy, dirty snow. If it is not uniformly applied you will end up with discoloration as one section dries out sooner than another. We use it in pots so you can go longer between waterings.

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