Anybody going to Indy GIE 2000?


Gulf Shores, AL
Just wondering if some of you are going to Green Industry Expo/2000, Indianapolis? I believe that I will be there providing I can find a ticket. I want to look at hydroseeding equipment.



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When? I haven't heard a word about it! It is usually heavily advertised in PRO but I haven't seen anything. Isn't there usually on in like the summer. How can we find time for that? I think this one is in Nov or something. Right?




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South Bend, IN
GIE (Green Industry Expo) is the trade show during the joint annual conferences of ALCA, PGMS, and PLCAA. Conference moves around each year, generally east of the Mississippi. This year it is in Indianapolis, equipment field day demo on Sunday, Nov. 5 (noon-5), and indoor trade show on Mon (12-6) and Tues (9-3). Educational sessions for all three groups run Sat thru Tues. Pass for trade show is usually $15/day. To register for whole conference as a member of one of the groups is around $150, around $250 for non-members.

This is the best trade show of the year, from the perspective of the lawn care operator. All reps are there to meet the end users, and you can usually ask detail questions about equipment or chemicals and get a good answer on the spot.

This show is not associated with the Louisville Expo held inlate July every year.