Anybody happy with their Gravely dealer in Knoxville, TN?

Discussion in 'Gravely (Archived)' started by Bull0977, Dec 23, 2014.

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    I'm fairly new to the forum and have been doing research here for a couple of months. I'm looking to buy a new mower sometime before spring (possibly in the next few weeks if I can get a good deal since it's winter time). I'm not independently wealthy or anything, but budget is not my primary concern. I live in Knoxville, and I'm very close to a Deere dealer and slightly further away from a Gravely dealer. Im interested in both, and I've researched both extensively on this site and others. The local Deere dealer also sells ATV's, and I've bought 2 ATV's as well as a commercial zero turn (717A) several years ago, and they've been easy to deal with on the rare occasion I needed service. Now that you have the backstory, here's my question. Without mentioning names, has anyone dealt with the local Gravely dealer near my location? How were you treated? How is their service after the sale? I shopped them before I bought my 717A years ago, and it was pretty apparent by the way the owner treated me and talked down to me that he wasn't interested in my business. I talked to a couple of different guys over the next couple of weeks after visiting that dealer, and while they spoke highly of their machines, they told me up front that the dealer had a bad reputation for being a (bad word), and he was always that way. They said they only tolerated him because they were happy with their machines and he was the only game in town. I should also add that I passed on a gently used Proturn 260 (42 hours) last year because of my past experience at the dealer. So, how have you all been treated there? Has the ownership changed? Has the attitude changed? Thank you in advance for any input you can offer.
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    Bull0977 -

    I wanted to reach out to you again. I sent you a public message earlier as I want to work with you on your dealer issue.

    Please reach out in a private message with your contact information so I can help you with this.

    Thanks so much.

    Mary Lyn
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    Hey Bull. I ran Gravely's when i first started in 95 for about 3 years. I wanted something that was more user friendly and closer to the shop. Maryville... So, I went to the Gravely dealer on John Sevier to demo a 60" ztr. The owner asked me what was wrong with that Exmark on my trailer, I told him I was using their demo and wanted to compare the two. This upset him for some reason and so he told me that he didn't have one for me to try. I turned around and there were 4 on the floor and walked to the service area in back and there was several more. So, I asked him again and he said 'No". I didn't understand since I had purchased a 50" walk behind and 2-60" riders.
    So, I bought my first Exmark in 98. The best move I had ever made. So, in turn I thank the owner of that dealership making me realize not only does the product need to be dependable but also service is a must.
    There is an Exmark dealer in Powell, Farragut, and Maryville. Just try them and a Scag, but for the price and the mower, you can't beat it stock....

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