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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by zjf, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. zjf

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    I know i proably posting this in the wrong area. but does any body ahve a clue on what to charge wit propert management? I have a guy that lives 2 hours away and has a 6 unit apt house about 2 miles from me.hes lookinf for someone to keep up on it. maintenance,yard,emergency calls,clean out apartments,dump runs,prep apartments and show to pos. new tenents.
    I have no idea what to charge him.:hammerhead:
    I was thinking some thing like by the man hour for the clean outs and preps.dump runs would be per load for the truck and local dump fees.materials would have a % mark up.He is talking a dollar amount per month no matter how much I do or do not do. which i dont think it would be fair on either part. I would rather get paid for my work per job or per hour depending on project.
    If any one out there has any ideas how i should do this let me know please.
    and once again thanks for your time.
  2. openbook

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    Sounds like he should hire a property management company. I don't know how you could estimate how much time it takes to do all that work. I would charge hourly with an extra fee for emergency calls.
  3. whosedog

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    No way no how agree to x amount per month;what he should be looking for is a live in building superintendent.He just doesn't want to give up the monthly rental income from one unit.Hourly for any work you do or no deal.
  4. ProcsLC

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    The reason why this guy is asking you to take care of it and NOT a property management company is because he just found out how much they would charge him! He is no doubt looking for someone cheap to handle all the problems... Its typical of todays Landlord/slumlord's... Do NOT go on a salary with him, the only one this would not work out for is you... Quote a dollar amount and get everything you do with this guy in writing, no verbal agreements... This will keep everyone honest (hopefully).

    Set your price, but be firm and a little flexable at the same time... If he doesn't come close; the only thing your really losing here is a lot of headaches...
  5. tinman

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    Sounds like it will be hard to gauge a price until you have some experience doing it. Perhaps do hourly rate on some stuff for a month to get the feel.
  6. zjf

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    hey guys thats for the input. thats what i was thinking. the prices i thought of telling him was 30 per man hour for the basic things like clean outs and turn the apartment over of course there would be a 50$ fee for using my truck per dump run.2 dump runs would = 100$ emegency calls i was thinking like 50 a man hour between the hours of 9 pm and 9 am.of course there would be fees for useing my equipment when needed. stuff like gutter fall clean up lawn mowing and snow removel would be as per job. also hes looking for skilled trade work. which i would have to trade my normal for. do you guys think my prices are to high just right or to low.
  7. openbook

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    30 per hour sounds reasonable to me.

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