Anybody have a Sno Boss?


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south dakota
We're at the end of our snow season, for the most part. Purchased a Sno Boss v plow for our 3/4 ton dodge and really like it. But, I am not impressed with how little wear we get on the cutting edge and we are into the pivot. We tried to attach the mounting frame higher on the truck(as instructed by the outfit we purchased it from) but didn't seem to help much. We can (and have) taken off the middle shoe, but I am leery of doing that too much. Does anybody else have this prob? Do the other v plows have the same prob?


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No problem with my fisher v-plows, I got two of them in 97. It's not uncommon to use a cutting edge in a year. I just spent all day flipping all of my cutting edes, to wear down the other side. If you take the shoes off you are only going to wear the edges down faster. Ask Dino about his edges they last a longer than steel ( only i bet he will post a message about them).<p>Anyways we are going to get 5 to 8&quot; tonight, it was 61 degrees today at noon, and snow tonight.<p>Geoff<br>


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I have never heard of them before. I have a western v plow and the standard cutting edge 7/16 carbon steel. It is good for abour 4 storm then I have to change it. The average is 15-20 hrs per storm on pavement si it sees alot of wear. If your edge is the same thickness then I would suspect that it will wear quickly. I would use a thicker steel edge but cutting the edge to the same profile and mounting location would be a major pain. <br>On my straight blades we used to use new 5/8 or 3/4 inch steel edges and they lasted forever.<br>If you want to e-mail me<br>I will send you a article I wrote about the urethane edges I am running this season. I wont bother everyone here that hsa heard this about 10000000000000 times this season with another encore.<br>Dino<p>----------<br> Professional Ice and Snow Management <br>Products:Services:Equipment

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