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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by FIMCO-MEISTER, Jul 12, 2010.

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    I grew up in the pre A/C era. Society was definitely more 'social' then. you knew all of your neighbors within 3 or 4 blocks. Allergies were rare. My family never did install A/C and I have not used it myself since. Your body adjusts to seasonal changes as it was meant to do.
    And, bcg, we have had triple digit heat indexes here in the Florida Panhandle for the past month. Last week it got to 113 and has been reaching 105-110 most every day. I use an electric fan. No A/c for me!

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  3. tadpole

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    I graduated High School in 1958 with no A/C. In the early 60's, there were some commercial applications... the old Water trickle tower type. maybe some high end residences had it, but I would say it ended, in my area in the mid 60's.
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    Stupid. I pay the electric bill, not him.

    Same person probably has gravel or synthetic turf in their front yard. And loves touting the made up "environmental benefits" to his friends and neighbors. Because a "lawn" made out of oil based plastics that gets over 100+ degress in the sun that has to be sanitized with chemicals and uses ground up tires as infill is so much more "environmentally friendly" than a regular fescue or bermuda lawn. :rolleyes::dizzy:
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    I very much doubt the idea of an open car window being as ruinous to gas mileage as AC
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    A lot of the newer vehicles don't have much of a difference in mileage with the AC on. At least from what I've read, and checking on the mileage with our two newer vehicles.
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    It's true. I heard it on the tee vee.
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    The body will adjust to being wet also but that doesn't mean I don't want a roof over my head when it's raining. The ability to control our environment is one of the things that seperates us from animals. I've got the good sense God gave a goose to come in out of the heat but you don't have to if you don't want to. :)

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