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Anybody have any BLOOPERS to share???

Kevin Graham (KG)

LawnSite Member
Name some of the funniest :)**BLOOPERS**:) that has happen to you, your employees, or even your clients since you been in the Bizz!.

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LawnSite Senior Member
Alexandria, MN.
Well, I cant take credit for this one, but it was probably the funniest things I have ever seen. I was mowing one of my clients yards, which has about the steepest bank leading down to the lake that you have ever seen. Next door another company, I will not mention the name, was mowing the yard with a Lazer Z, flying real fast, turning right at the edge of the bank each time, i watched in amazement as to how he turned so fast, so close to the edge each time. Well I guess he wasn't as good as he thought he was. I glanced over to se him leaning forward, spinning his tires as he slipped backwards down the steep incline. There was nothing i could do, it happened so fast. The operator realized that there was no way out, jumping from the machine to watch it roll viciously 7 full times as it made its graceful splash landing in the calm water below. He was unhurt, but his machine had another story, upside down with the blades still slightly spinning, the Lazer Z was mangled into a pile of scrap metel. As I finished up, a tow truck arrived to removed the mower that was no more. Luckly he had insurance, but it seem to stop his cursing!!!!!


LawnSite Addict
southeast pa
I was mowing a lawn and happen to look up at another guy mowing a lawn in the neighborhood and he was whipping around on his sulky (two wheel chair). I guess he thought whew we, look at me fly, takin corners like they were nothing. Well I happen to look up and he hit the one corner and it threw him straight to the ground and he got up and started to chase his machine down the street. Bad day for him, good day for me.:)


Millenium Member
Don't know if this is a blooper or just a bad day. Last Friday I started my mowing day at my dad's house. While trimming I got stung (again) in my left elbow. After making sure the stinger was out, I picked up the trimmer, turned around and started to trim again. He has landscape timbers on the ground which were wet from the dew, my left foot landed on it and immediately slid way left, I then did a split and fell forward, landing on the trimmer. My right knee and back are still hurting, just glad it was early and no one saw me.


LawnSite Senior Member
During our second year a fellow fire fighter was helping me. He was operating a John Deere 116 lawn tractor on a slope beside a busy street. The JD lost traction and instead of leaning to the other side he got off the mower (still in gear) and gave it a push. The mower took off with him in tow. He was trying to stop it with all his strenth-no luck. It drug him into the street, the traffic stopped just in time. He caught the mower and applied the brake just before it plunged into the ditch in the median. The poor fellow was so shook up that he cut the motor off and got off..without setting the brake. The mower took a nose dive into the ditch.


LawnSite Senior Member
I was told this by my small engine mechanic . He worked at another shop before owning his own and had a guy keep comong in with a warranty problem on his 21" toro something about bent axles or worn this or that i don't remember. Anyway when the mechanic was out and about one day he sees this guy out working . He was sitting on the bag reaching behind him with his hands on the drive riding along on his 21" rider. Don't ask me how he turned . True story I am told.


LawnSite Silver Member
bloopers--I have a few from the business.

they're in the form of scars to my legs from sliding under the ole lesco trying to pull it backwards up a hill (dumb!).

scars from the echo hedge trimmer, (three different places, dumb!).

scars from stitches on my leg after letting the brush axe get away from me (not much money made on that job after paying the emergency room, dumb!)

scars on my leg for when the ladder collapsed when I was trimming tall hedges (really dumb!)

the other day I almost pulled a groin muscle from extreme acceleration after I got nailed by yellow jackets (not the first time).

hey--Im like rodney dangerfield--"I got a million of'em!"



LawnSite Fanatic
N.E. Wisconsin
I was done mowing at my customers house and was going to put my mower back on the trailer. I p***ed a large crock that was on the side of the garage. As I p***ed the crock fell into about 6 large but unattatched pieces. Oh sh&&. I trailered my mower and rang the doorbell. No one home.

I wrote a note telling the customer that I took the pieces and was trying to reattatch them. I must have hit it and broke it.

Off I go - to the hardware store, 6 buck tube of cement for the crock. I put it back together and it looked great.

Got a phone call 1 hour after I was done repairing it from the owner.

It WAS BROKEN before I went by it. She said I didn't have to fix it but if I did I could bring it back. I did and its still outside back in the same place where I "HIT" it.

Good P.R. anyway

new lawn

LawnSite Member
After mowing a customer on what seemed to be the hottest day of the year here in Michigan the customer asked if I could cut down some dead branches in her back yard. Being the nice guy that I am I did the job in no time. Loaded the dead branches which still had dead dry leaves on them on the trailer along with my mowers which of course were hot from a hard days work. See, this was my first year in the business and I didn't have a pick up, only a jeep. So the branches only had one place to go and that was on the trailer. Away I drove down the main drag to maybe catch a bite to eat before going to the next job. Gee I thought I was so cool driving down the road with the top off the Jeep and doors too! I was wondering why all the people driving next to me were yelling and honking--Stupid me thought they may want a buisness card "Possible new customer, I thought"
No that wasn't it. The dry leaves, remember them? They caught on fire. I was pulling a fireball down the main drag. Thank God for the fire extinguisher! I never felt so stupid! Needless to say I didn't get any new customers that day. Today I have a F-250 with an 8' bed. Any an all lawn debris goes in the back!!!!!