Anybody have or used one of those 25 HP Billy Goat Debris Loaders?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by farmboy52787, May 21, 2008.

  1. farmboy52787

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    Anybody have or used one of those 25 HP Billy Goat Debris Loaders? Just wondering if they work a lot better than the smaller models or if there's no difference. The video they have on the website looks pretty convincing, they show it sucking up phone books, fruit, and glass bottles and tearing them to shreds. The link is right here. Also how much do they cost?

  2. farmboy52787

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    Actually, what is the best brand of truck loader for loading grass clippings? My 13HP Billy Goat worked great for leaves last fall, but now I feel like I am wasting so much time when it comes to sucking up grass. It only takes a little bit and it clogs constantly. Ive read a bunch of these forums, they say Billy Goat doesnt have good suction power, Little Wonders are good because they have the shredding talon, Giant Vacs seem to be very powerful but out of my range. I want something that can suck up grass with ease. I see the bigger models weigh up to 500 lbs? You could still mount that on the tounge of your trailer right? Thanks
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    I use the billy goat 23hp vac to suck up piles of grass all day from my Walkers. It works great. The 25hp model is the newer replacement for the one I have. The little Wonder 27hp vac was the first model I tried for sucking up piles of grass and it didn't work very well. The reason was the size of the intake hose. The hose on the Little Wonder is 16 in. in diameter and will suck up a huge chunk of grass that literally stalls the 27 hp motor. They also have a rubber liner on the inside of the blower housing that can come loose and DESTROY the unit. Which is what happened to mine. After that debacle I was going to buy a Giant Vac but there were none in stock at the factory!!??? It was springtime and Giant Vac said the spring is when they produce new units for sale in the fall. Thats when I ended up giving the billy goat a try. My unit came with a 12 in. intake hose and worked OK but would sometimes clog halfway through the hose. shaking the hose would send the clog the rest of the way through the hose but I didn't like that and thought it took too long. I was looking at our old billy goat HTR loader and saw that the hose on it was only 10 in. in diameter. I called Billy Goat and asked them if there was a way to put the 10 in hose on my new 23 hp loader. Billy Goat sent me a brand new hose and plate to bolt onto my vac so I could use the 10 in hose. That was about a year ago and so far it works great. Going from a 12in. hose to a 10in. hose really made a difference. Sucking up a chicken, bottle, or phone book is one thing. Big piles of grass is very heavy material and alot tougher on a vac than what their video shows.
  4. Mr. Force® Billy Goat Industries

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    I wondered who got that 10 inch hose and "tophat" for the QL... Seriously, I saw that order being pulled. It was unique enough for me asked about it. Indeed wet grass is very tough to pick up as it's heavy, likes to clump, and can be very aerodynamic at times (not good for picking up). Going to a 10 inch hose will decrease your CFM but increase the MPH. That's great for heavier wet debris like wet/soggy grass clippings. It doesn't do much to increase performance for leaves unless they are wet and soggy as well.

    The DL has 2 more hp, a clear hose, deeper housing, larger impeller, serated "Razor" blades on the outside tips to reduce debris (not collect certain debris like some competitors), and an easy rotating discharge to name just a few improvements over the QL.

    Please let me know if there are any questions I can answer.
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    for leaves, i have the LW 22HP, it cost under 6k and it is a great machine- never used it 4 wet grass, so not sure how it would work. only othewr machine i ever used was giant vac w/ 60 hp wisconsin engine- best machine ever but i believe it cost about 15 k--- way past my range for a machine i use 6 wks a year.....
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    Hey Mr Force, since you know a lot about Billy Goat, I have the 13HP Truck Loader and I was thinking. My machine does an alright job sucking up dry grass clippings, but it does clog a bit in the 8" hose right before it gets to the blower housing. It's almost like the house should get bigger like halfway through the house, till it gets to the impeller, that way there would be less of a chance of it clogging there? Would that make sense, if not please tell me why or any idea to make loading lawn clippings a faster process. Thanks
  7. farmboy52787

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    Mr. Force, please reply thanks
  8. grassaholic

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    I'm not sure Mr. Force comes to Lawnsite all that much. I sent him a PM after he responded to this thread and haven't gotten a response. From my expierences with these vacs and from what Mr. Force has told me, making the hose larger near the intake wouldn't work. These things operate on the volume of air going through the hose and the speed that the air moves through the hose. If the opening is only 8" at the begining of the hose then the hose will only take in as much air/debris as it can through the 8" opening. If the hose got bigger near the blower housing then it would probably clog even easier. I would say the only way to make your vac work better would be to use a hose that is even smaller than your 8" hose. Your best bet is probably to upgrade to a vac with a larger blower/engine. Like I posted earlier, my vac is 23hp and came with a 12" hose. The damn thing would hardly suck up a pile of grass. I was pretty pissed off and frustrated. I was trying to find a way to go from side discharging to collection without losing time on each account. The vac was so slow to suck up a pile of grass I knew something had to change. Thats when I decided that a smaller hose would improve the performance of the vac because it didn't have to suck up such a big chunk of grass. These guys design these things to suck up leaves, not grass. It also seems to me that all the vac companies are in somewhat of a pissing contest to see who has the biggest intake hose. When guys compare one unit to the other they automatically think the vac with the biggest hose would be the best. I've found that is very untrue. The Little Wonder vac with the 27hp engine and 16" intake hose is my prime example. What a joke that machine was for sucking up grass. It would suck up a HUGE chunk of grass through that 16" intake hose and then practically stall. In fact it did stall on me a couple times before it destroyed itself. Thats when I got the Billy Goat with the 23hp engine and 12" hose. Before I bought the unit I even called Billy Goat to make sure it could suck up a pile of grass. The woman I talked to said sure, It can suck up grass all day long, no problem. I ordered the unit, mounted it up when I got it, and was very disappointed. The thing would suck some grass and clog about half way through the hose. I'd have to shake the hose to get it to go through and if you do that enough the nozzle will come off and thats a real PITA to put back on. I called Billy Goat and told them what was going on and my idea of the smaller hose. They sent me the 10" hose along with the tophat to mount it to my unit. Going from the 12" hose to the 10" hose improved the performance dramatically. The only problem I have now is the blower housing packing with grass on the bottom. It doesn't do this all the time but it does it enough to be annoying. once the grass starts to pack in the housing the suction power drops dramatically. I'm not sure why billy goat put such a large space between the impeller and the bottom of the housing. The blower on my Walkers isn't like that and I guess thats why the Walker blower doesn't pack with grass and clog.
  9. farmboy52787

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    So you think that if i got an adapter that would downsize from 8" to 6" then bought a piece of hose then it would work better? But do you think that 6" hose would be to small? I have gotten better with sucking grass now and i know all the sounds the machine makes if its clogged, but i usually can only take a little bit at a time, shake the hose then it goes through. It takes a little bit longer at each account, but I am not as tired though because before i would have to throw my grass bins into the back of my truck then hop in the truck and dump them out where as now i can dump near the truck in 30 seconds and be right back mowing again. Also i dont ever have to tarp my load or make extra trips to my dump pile because the pickup was to full. And I dont have to shovel anymore because i am blowing into my dump truck. I timed it once 2 weeks ago when i first started using it, it took me an hour to suck up about 6 yards of grass, atleast 25 walker dumps and this was thick wet heavy grass too. Anyways i just dont know if a 6 inch hose would be to small to use to suck up grass? I had ordered a 6 inch Polyurethane/Rubber Duct Hosefor my exhaust elbow that i clamped on there and its worked awesome, never clogs like my piece of drainage pipe would always do haha. I bet that same material would just as well for sucking. Do you think it would needs a smaller tophat? Thanks
  10. Reassurance Property

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    I have the same problem and it is very frustrating. My 18HP billygoat always clogs in the chute after the impeller. Pisses me off to have to take the hose off three times at every job.

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