anybody have trouble with arbor green fert?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by kickin sum grass, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. kickin sum grass

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    Today I used the arbor green fert from lesco for deep root injections. I kept it agitated before, during, and after treatment. The only time I didn't have it agitated was when driving which no time was more than 5 minutes. By 2:00 today the stuff plugged my sprayed up tight. Luckly I was down to the last few gallons. I had to come back and back flush the system as it was like a sludge in the hoses. When I looked in the bottom of the tank, it had a layer of fert that had settled out.

    Has anybody had trouble with this stuff? Is there something to add to it to hold suspension? Or what products are you guys using for deep root feeding?

    This is my first year doing deep root injections and was told this was the mac daddy of ferts for this. Of the 30%N, 20% is water insoluable so I figured that the 20% was what was on the bottom of the tank. OH, I was mixing for the 1 year feed at 20lbs/ 100gal water.
  2. grassguy_

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    Which do you have paddle or jet agitation? Usually paddle is best simply because of the constant mixing more than jet. I wouldn't use arbor green in jet agitation, not saying it can't be done, just that the paddle suspends the material much better. I used arbor green in the past mixed with urea for deep root feeding, but mixed only for the day as well because of the same problem however there was less a problem when mixed with urea as opposed to only using arbor green.
  3. kickin sum grass

    kickin sum grass LawnSite Senior Member
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    I have jet agitation. It says to mix at the one year mix only for jets so I assumed it would be ok.

    I have some Howard Johnson souluable triple 20 with micros. Do you think that would be ok. It says it can be used for injections but does not give rated to mix. Do you have any ideas on this?
  4. Ric

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    kickin sum grass

    Most tanks with jet agitation do not agitate good enough for Arbor Green. Use your wand to stir the tank with the pressure turned up, before you spray each time.

    You may want to add more jets with smaller nozzles to your tank. Point them in different directions. For Arbor Green point all of them to the bottom.
  5. bushtrimmer

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    Arbor green works great for us. Never put it jet agitation, always use mechanical agitation. I know what u mean by plugging though, I left it over winter a few years ago, what a mess, took the whole day to clean out.
  6. TSM

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    like others have said....use mechanical aggitation....fill in the morning and use it all that day.

    we were once 'forced' in using a tank without mechanical aggitation, i had a guy in the truck with a hoe hand aggitating the tank at all times...even then we had some clog problems
  7. tremor

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    Loveland used to offer a Zantham Gum based spray tank additive that kept Arbor-Green & other UF based fertilizers better suspended. I'm not sure of the fate of that material what with mergers & acquisitions & all.

    It didn't stop settling. Indeed the settling that ocurred would appear worse! This because the solids would resist themselves & remain loose. So once agitation was restored, the solids would re-suspend quickly.

    It sounds like a pain in the butt to do this. Fill only for the jobs you can do before having to shut the sprayer off. Don't shut the sprayer off at all until you're done emptying the tank. Then before refilling, back flush through the drain plug (as you did to break the clog) BEFORE starting the rig back up again.

    Starting the motor before back-flushing will worsen the inevitable clog.

    For the record, I've used half the one year rate (or 10 lbs per 100) with soluble ferts like Macron, Peters, Doggett, etc to avoid clogs. But there's nothing like straight ArborGreen for efficiency & duration.
  8. GrazerZ

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    yea I had it happen to me too a couple of years back. when I was done with the job 150 trees I left about 20 gallons in the tank. it took me hours to get it all out. fortunantly no plug ups though.
  9. heritage

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    Hey Kickin,
    Had the same problem many moons ago. You need to make sure that the screen inside your filter is 35 or 50 microns in size. Any finer than that and you will be pluggin up.The lower the number the bigger the holes in the screen. I use a spraying systems filter with the Grey 35 micron screen whenever I use powder blue nitroform im my deep root tank mix. Arbor green is davey trees blend and it is has a lot of powder blue in the mix. And I have a 300 gal. jet agitation with a hypro D-30 pump and run 150 -200 psi when using any powder blue products. Check the screen.

    Pete D.
  10. grassguy_

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    I'm not familiar with the triple 20 with micros though it sounds as if it would be a good product. I've have since gotten away fom the liquid infection system for tree and shrub feeding and have gone to the tablet and tree stake method. IMO it is easier than having to mix and pull a hose around a house to get the job done, plus I can do a feeding for 1 or 2 years depending on what the customer wants.

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