Anybody Out There From Portland, Or?

Discussion in 'Network: West' started by lawnmasters05, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. Laurel Leaf

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    Thanks, Frost Creek.
    How long have you been landscaping in the Couve?
  2. FrostCreek

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    Started last spring. Bigger projects found in Battle Ground, Woodland, Camas, has been my experience thus far.

    So is this group just a meet-and-greet? Or could we start posting our SW Washington/Portland area-specific questions and comments and what not?

    I'm still somewhat new, and would like a forum-based resource on issues relevant to our climate!

    Keep it real, dudes.
  3. Laurel Leaf

    Laurel Leaf LawnSite Member
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    It doesn't seem like there are to many people on the forums from around here. I just started using the helpful gardener forum as well as this. There is better discussions plants from commercial and homeowners over there. This site seems better for business, and lawn maintance equipment discussions. I have got a lot of great info on lawn site, but it has not been from anyone in my region.
  4. FrostCreek

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    There is a lot more information, but some of it is difficult to sift through.

    I think most of the information will be coming out of the South, and our climate is nothing like theirs. Except hot summers, but then again, ours are dry and theirs are TYPICALLY wet. And I'm not positive, but I'd say they also typically have richer soil then the clay crap we use. I would take horticultural advice with a grain of salt.

    My perception is that the landscaping practices there are typically different from ours. Because we are from the NW and we are awesome, and they are a bunch of dirty slovenly hicks. :)
  5. Agape

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    Is this thread dead? I would like to know the secret to success in the NW. what is the best advertising for your/ our area?
  6. Ben Bowen

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    from PNW
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    I don't know the secret to success... But we put a lot of effort into being found online and it has made a huge difference for us.
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  7. Gilbert503

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    Anyone in here thinking about leaving the landscape field? I'm looking to buy some landscape accounts.
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