Anybody race?

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Outlawn, May 31, 2013.

  1. 94gt331

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    Sweet stang. I wanna get those same wheels and some stickys so I can go to the track to finally see what my car will run. If I'm luckly maybe by late august I will slow down with my work enough I can actually start my car.:laugh:
  2. thompsonslawncare

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    I sold out in 2010 but here was my racer.

    racing 09.jpg
  3. wilsonsground

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    Pulling truck..

  4. Chris_NC06

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    What all you got done to it?
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  5. wilsonsground

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    Just an SCT custom tune so far. I finally found someone that ll write a DPF delete tune, they want to see the truck from the front, on the track w no license plate before they'll do it. I just bought it in end of March this year. Itll have exhaust soon and eventually I want to do bigger turbos and injectors.
  6. Outlawn

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    Those DPF's are hard to come by now. My brother-in-law owns a diesel shop and apparently can get them from up north (canada). I think he quoted like $2000 out the door for a 2011 Cummins the other day. That was with the exhaust piping, flash, and install. I have the good 'ol 7.3 with a cat-less MBRP 4" turbo back, an intake, and TS Performance 6-position custom chip good for up to 140hp. Shift on the fly is way better than the SCT flash tuner I used to have.
  7. Outlawn

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    Here's a couple pics of my brother in law's co-owned Cummins-powered Stang. This is the one with three Precision 83mm turbos. The other is nestled down under the piping on the passenger side of the motor
    And then a cummins powered ranger sitting at my brother in law's shop right now.
    He also has a Dodge SRT-10 that had a big Kenne-Bell blower on it, but the guy opted to pull the V10 and put in a 24v cummins lol.



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  8. AmericanLawn&Landscape

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    i don't race cars.. besides on the street:laugh:, but i sure do love them!
    here's my and my dads 70 mach 1 mustang we just got done restoring. 351 Cleveland, edelbrock cam, flowmaster 10 series exhaust. And my 87 mustang gt with a built 302 from California that i sold


  9. meets1

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    For that race what type of money do you drop into these ventures? I dont race, never been to a race but enjoy watching nascar etc on tv from time-time.
  10. Kurt6845

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    Thompson, where's that at? I'm from the 717 area, just up the street from susquehanna.

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