Anybody running a New Hustler Super Z?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Metro Lawn, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. Metro Lawn

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    I stopped in to the mower shop today and picked up a booklet on the new Hustler Zs. The new Super Z is rather cool, not to mention the 15 m.p.h. ground speed. I guess the Dixie is no longer the World's fastest mower. My question is there anyone running one of these units? Give me some feedback on these machines. I cut several large University campus locations as well as other large properties. The numbers say that a 72" machine will cut almost 11 acres an hour. I went with the Exmark 80% method and came up with 8.7 acres an hour. That is awesome if it's true. Anybody out there with comments??
  2. Tonyr

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    Demoed one a few months ago, very nice cutter!
    Easy to handle, cuts very neat, couldn't fault it.
    15mph....I really couldn't see anyone mowing this fast, mowing at 10mph is dangerous enough, and cut quality is sacrificed some, a lot of people find 8mph plenty quick enough, I think in reality the 15mph is ground travel speed, not mowing speed, and if you had distances to travel where speed is important, sure.

    Hustler also has a rep on lawnsite too, p.j. could help you out.

    There are many new hustler super z's here, everyone loves em!

    The new Toro with turbo force deck is something to check too, both are great mowers though.

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  4. KirbysLawn

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    I have one great machine and even better sale and support. As for cutting at 15 mph, I can't. I mow very thick lawns and when I go that fast it looks like crap, plus I don't feel safe going that fast across peoples lawns.

    Want a faster model check this one out.... lol

    fast seat.jpg
  5. excel25

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    I've had mine almost 2 years, you will love it if you get one it's one well built machine. The speed is great only a few spots and time of year I can use the 15 mph. Sales and support are #1 with this company, Demo one and ya won't want to give it back.
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    My dealer loaned me a brand new Super Z while I was waiting for my Super walk-behind to come in. And yes it was one sweet machine. I would definitely spend the extra for the Super over the regular Z. even though you wont need the extra speed. It sure is a fun machine to drive. It had a great cut and would hold a hill with no problem. I would get the biggest engine that you can for a 72’’ deck.
    I do know if you have any questions about a Hustler Pj. is quick to respond.


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