Anybody tried Cable TV Advertising?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by MMLawn, Oct 13, 2004.

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    Have any of you ever tried Cable TV adversiting? Here at least you can go through your local cable companies "Cable ADNet" program and get spots for only a few dollars per spot, meaning that you can cost effectively run hundreds of ad's on several different channels and even get to pick the channels like ESPN, USA, Lifetime, etc. that they run on. I am thinking about blitzing it this Spring.

  2. grasswhacker

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    But at what time of the day? TV ads are usually the least effective form of advertising unless you are discounting something and in prime time slots. Let us know if they work though, it may pleasantly surprize.
  3. MMLawn

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    Here at least you get to pick the times. Basically you get say on a 100 spots, 50 really good times and 50 off times. Also in business in general (NOT just LC) everything I have ever read has TV ads rated very high and yellow page ads the lowest.
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    When I started out i ran an ad for 1 month in the newspaper classifieds under the "Professional Services" section. After that month I had to quit my full time job, and have never had to advertize since. Cost me about 79.00 back in 1993. Best bang for the buck IMO.
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    That was exactly our thought 2 years ago, so we picked our best areas & spent $13,000 over 6 weeks in the spring, including Dallas Maverick games & other choices.

    It turned out to be the highest price, per customer, we have ever paid.
    Looking back, if a person had deep enough pockets to do it long enough to become a household name, we believe in the ultimate end, it would be profitable. We still get calls that called us from the phone books, saying they chose us in the phone book because they remembered the TV ad.

    Mike & TJ Justice
  6. olderthandirt

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    I tried it a fw yrs ago and only had a few calls for lousy jobs. Did get alot of calls from little old ladies wanting to know if there house plants were geting enough water :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

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    Full Disclosure.. I work for a Cable TV company and have for many years.

    Cable advertising is a great avenue for awareness. Like radio and billboards, TV is a great long term strategy as part of any media plan to inspire growth. The beauty of Cable TV as opposed to Broadcast (ABC,CBS,NBC) is that you have the ability to target your audience. As example, you can place ads on American Movie Classics to target folks over the age of 50 or TLC at noon to target the stay at home housewife that may want a paver walk installed that she saw on In a Fix. CrossChannel (industry term for this type of advertising) is typically much more afforable than advertising on local affiliates (ABC,CBS,etc).

    If you are looking for immediate response, TV, Radio and Billboards are probably not your best bet. If you are looking to build a long term media plan to grow your business, it can be an essential element.
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    Interesting words you have there....thank you.
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    Hi MMLawn,

    Here is a quote from this post.

    "Cable TV Commercial,

    We were servicing the local cable news station owners properties and let myself be talked into a 30 second spot commercial. The commercial itself was excellent and well produced, and had it running something like 30 times a weekend for 8 or 10 weekends. Cant remember the exact details or cost but yielded zero calls for new work.

    Still got a lot of pride seeing my name and face and tv while the ad was running."

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