anybody use a Bob Cat ZT 200 series


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I started selling them this spring,as to date the only problem is with front wheel wobble in which air pressure corrected.I like the 3 quart res.and the cooler,you can use the same oil in the hydro as the engine,what ever you buy demo it first,and if it does break, make sure the dealer will give you a demo until its fixed


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YES! We have a Bob-Cat ZT219 48" cut with a 19HP Kawasaki. The only main problem we have with it is when you go over a dip in the ground it leaves grass in the "gully" where the deck will float up but not down. Otherwise no mechanical problems so far with 64 hours on it. Be careful with the front casters, today, I came off a small bank at an angle onto a paved road, the caster was turned sideways and it broke the seal on the tire and let all the air out, no damage to the tire, but I had to pump it back up. The deck is made like a tank. Do not use the same oil in the hydro as the engine, our dealer recommended 10w30 in the motor and 15w40 in the hydro, but consult the manual, it doesn't matter if the guys on LawnSite tell you to use vegetable oil in it, DO WHAT THE MANUAL SAYS. :) Also, you have to clean the deck very often, not sure if this is normal for all Zs or not, this is our first one. Hope this helps.

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John DiMartino

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My cousin just bought one,its a nice mower for the price,it was over 2K cheaper than my DC,it looks like the frame and deck are much beefier than the choppers,but the seating is cramped,even for my short 5'9" frame,where the DC is roomier.ZT200 has much better trimming capabiltys without sacrificing stabilty,because of lower CG.My DC is slightly faster,and the Ransomes seems to cut more evenly,but with not as good a stripe as the DC.If i didnt have such bad luck with my Ransomes greensmowers,I would've bought one.


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I love mine. 48 inch deck with the 19 kawi. Over 1000 hours on one and 160 on the newer one. No problems yet, knock on wood. The only thing that i changed was the snap rings in the front caster. the ones the factory puts on suck, and the front yoke kept falling out when hitting large bumps, so i replaced them. Great machine though..

Jeff in AL

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I have been a Ransomes dealer for seven years, and have sold countless machines, with very little problems to the machine. Most of the problems have been due to the engines. Two years ago was the worst with the Kohlers, ignition coils and the SAM (spark advance module). Since then the problems have not been nearly as bad. We have not had any real problems with Kawasaki at all.
As for the machines, the majority sold has been the walk behinds. Out of all of the WB's sold, the number one question is "how do you adjust the deck belts again". Once you get it down, it's easy to do. Also we have NEVER had one spindle on ANY machine fail.
AS for the ZTR's we sell the 100's and 200's in all of the combinations of deck/hp. On the 100's the ONLY problem has been the bearings in the two idler pulleys on the deck failing (China bearing), replaced with US bearings purchased locally, and have been just fine. We are replacing the bearings on our units in stock as to not have problems when sold. There has been an update kit on the 100's for both the machine and the deck. If the unit has a handle and slide assy. on the top of the hopper, it has the rest of the kit. The kits contained a new deck chute,deck idler spring, longer deck gearbox bolts, stronger frame under the hopper, repositioned/new hopper switch, and the handle/slide assy. on top of hopper.
Now for the 200's. We had one that had shredded the hydro belt, and some of the cords from the belt became entangled around the input shaft on one of the pumps and tore up the seal. On another, we had a hydro pump fail.
In general, there has NOT been any ongoing problems with any of the machines.
If you need any further info, feel free to ask.
I am not a Walker dealer, but service many of them, there is no more service work done to them than is done to any other brand.
Hope this helps some.
Jeff in AL


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Count me in too! Friend bought one 2 yrs. ago & I got mine this spring; went all out & got the 25hp/61" cut & love it. Only thing I DON'T like about this & lazers is when turning (around) on any kind of incline, like finshing your stripe, whichever drive wheel is uphill has ZERO traction, & will ususally spin as you try to turn around. Tried many diff. things to correct this; best bet is to keep moving & don't let the machine come to a stop; keep it moving & it's not as bad.
Also, if you go downhill at an angle, kiss all your traction goodbye. If you're mowing across a hill, start at the bottom, & turn around UP the hill as you go.
Once you can get around these shortcomings (in ANY Z), life will be pleasant again.


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Hi, I have a ZT200 with Kohler engine, not sure year think 90 something. Model 942202, S/N 9422020764. Kohler engine S/n 2614106427, spec# 67681 could not read model. Have problem with carb solenoid, does not open. I removed and put 12 volt to it and it works, but in carb will not. I checked volt when installed before diode 12v after diode 7.68 volt. I see wires pigtailed goes through diode to solenoid and other wire goes through diode to I believe advance speed module. If I disconnect wire to speed module I have 12 volt reconnect and volt drops. Did this with 2 ign module connected and removed. Do these short out, not sure what I need to order? Or can I bring 12 volt direct from ignition switch to solenoid?