Anybody use ZashPay?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by GrayM, Apr 15, 2011.

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    If so, how does it work? I did a one time cut for one of my neighbors, and she decided to pay me using ZashPay (without asking). I tried signing up for it to receive the money, but after an hour or so of messing with it I said screw it. They wanted a photocopy of my drivers license and social security card. They wanted me to send them a voided check, and a letter from my bank stating I was authorized to use the account. That seems ridiculous.

    My main question is (if anyone here knows), if someone pays using ZashPay do they take the money out of the account immediately, or does it remain in their bank account until the person receiving the funds accepts the money.

    I ask because I went back and requested she write me a check instead. It just dawned on me that they might remove the money immediately and hold it in a third party account. If that's the case I need to return the money to her. She might think I intentionally did that to get payed twice. My name's worth more than $30.
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    Reminder, never give out your personal information to any third parties like ZashPay. It is not your responsibility to signup on her ebill paying system. It is her responsibility to get the payment in your hand.

    The ebill paying system I use never asks payees for their information. If my payees aren't set up with my bill payer, the system cuts them a check, mails it to them, and never asks them for personal information.
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    I had the same thing happen to me this week....didn't trust putting my info out there like that...JMO

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