Anybody using toyota tacomas for work ?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Green surfer 1, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Green surfer 1

    Green surfer 1 LawnSite Member
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    I was wondering if anybody here is using toyota tacomas v6 4wd auto trans w/ access or 4dr. cabs for work ? i am interested to know what size trailer you can pull up to ? Your fuel mpg ? I am interested in obtaining a 2009 -2011 series truck. i presently run much heavier trucks for work but looking at the option of running a extra smaller truck this new 2012 season as a versatile truck for myself an family. I have heard alot of excellent talk of them but seek info from any lawn operators out there. Thanks for the info an help!!:weightlifter:
  2. buttaluv

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    I've thought about it,from what I understand from talking to people with them, my 1/2 ton Gmc with the 4.8 does about as good as the tacoma's on fuel mileage and it's quite a bit bigger truck....I did pickup a quad cab 3/4 ton chevy with the 6.0, cause my 1/2 ton is just a little too light for some stuff, you talk about gas hog! i don't drive that thing unless I have too!
  3. knox gsl

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    There's a company here in Knoxville that runs Tacos for route work pulling 6X12 trailers. They must have 4 or 5 of them. They are mostly 2wd single cabs.
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  4. Toy2

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    In 05 I used my 96 Tacoma, SR5 to pull my 6x12 enclosed, did okay, but fuel mileage was crappy, about 12mpg. It gets about 19 around here empty.

    It pulls my 16' TopHat at least once a month, lumber runs, landscape runs.

    Last run I had about 2 yards of 3/4 crushed stone, wet, almost blew a stop light as it is not equipped with brakes.......scared the heck out of me.

    IMHO, use a bigger truck, and yes I love my Toy, 92K and still going strong...:)
  5. Green surfer 1

    Green surfer 1 LawnSite Member
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    So is a 6 x 12 the biggest trailer the Tacoma can pull safely w/ trailer brakes ? I was also curious about using alum. built trailers as an option.
  6. KrayzKajun

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    Those truckas are not made to be pulling trailers on a daily basis. Pulling isn't the problem its stopping the load u have behind the truck!even with trailer brakes. A bigger truck pulling a smaller load will get better mileage and last longer than a small truck being pushed to its limits or beyond.
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  7. Toy2

    Toy2 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Agree with this statement^^^^^^, my enclosed did not have brakes, truck did the job, but it took some life out of it.

    I have a 4 x 6 open trailer that I use to haul the 36'' around if needed, no issues with that.

    The TopHat 16' is still used, just ''as needed''.

    Good luck!!
  8. Green surfer 1

    Green surfer 1 LawnSite Member
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    Well thanyou all for the feedback , I guess it comes down to if i only use it to do some work periodically it would be all right. But onthe other hand daily work /towing is going to put me in hot water. I think i will also look into the option of a all aluminum built open trailer for carrying mowers for a tacoma. In the mean time the more research on this subject will influence my outcome on what i will do.
  9. LBA1999

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    I have heard V6 tacomas get about the same as a 1/2 ton truck. As far as towing and hauling A tacoma would probably be fine everyday if you were pulling say a 5x10 with a WB on it, but they are not for heavy pulling all the time, only occasional. A tacoma is a tough truck, though. At my hunting club, they have a 90 something toyota truck thats been to hell and back. Its pulled and hauled WAY more than it should have and it has a ton of miles on it its still going.

    As far as the aluminum trailer thing, I can tell you you will not be sorry about getting a quality aluminum trailer even if you do not get a tacoma. I am in property management and I drive a lot of miles and only need a mower occasionally usually just some tools so I downsized from a GMC 1500 2wd 4.8 V8 and my 6.5x17 aluminum landscape trailer to a minivan and a 5.5x10 aluminum trailer. I will always own an aluminum trailer. My first on (17') I bought because it weighed THE SAME as the 6.5x12 single axle it replaced and had twice the load capacity and brakes. That trailer was an ADAM (horse trailer maker) and I'm not sure if they make these anymore but it was great and it had an aluminum floor so no boards to replace. It was great to haul my compact tractor in the winter and not worrying about salt rusting the trailer. I did sell it because I had larger trucks and big steel trailers that sat all the time (need them for heavy loads) and I downsized to a Aluma trailer. The model is 6810H and it is the perfect size. It is top quality all the way. all led lights. fully sealed one piece wiring harness, bi fold gate, #3000 torsion axle, aluminum floor, and polished aluminum rims. This trailer is much better built then my old aluminum trailer. It only weighs like 500#. I can go to the back corner when it is hooked up to a vehicle and lift one side off the ground by myself. Yet it can still haul 2500#(I have tested this limit many times.) I would highly recommend Aluma if you are looking for a trailer. Cost isn't bad, either. I would say a little less than 2x the price of a steel trailer of comparable quality. Not bad considering higher load capacity, zero maintenance, and it will last a lifetime. I can haul my ZD326 and 44" toro t bar behind my minivan and I'm still within the towing capacity and the capacity of the trailer. (I don't do this daily, just a ten mile round trip once a week.) Long story short, buy an Aluma, you will not be sorry!
  10. baldoni

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    Maybe look at an f150 if you are looking for that type of vehicle. The price and fuel use wont be that different between them. The newer tacoma trucks actually have plastic for the bed. Not metal. Look under the bedliner, the actual bed is made from plastic. I have no idea what it can tow, but was surprised when I saw the plastic bed.

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