Anybody want to move to MT

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by ksss, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. ksss

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  2. mrusk

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    That guy is going to make a killing on it. Unless he paid 125k million for the land.

    That house is so grossly over prices it not even funny.

    I don't cost much to build a house. for 10-20 million builders cost, you could build a HELL of a home.

    Heck, 400k builders cost, would build a house any of us would be estatic to live in.
  3. Scag48

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    I have a cousin who moved to Bozeman about a year ago. He's a HVAC contractor now, I guess he worked for someone for a while, learned the business, and I think he's doing it on his own now. Lots of money getting thrown around out there.
  4. Gravel Rat

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    There is lots of money floating around and many people that you pass on the street that look like a ordinary working man is loaded to the hills. Many people around here are on the higher income bracket and don't flaunt it.
  5. SinjonAssociates

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    I saw the story on that house-it will be the most expensive house sold in the US- for that kind of price I hope the driveway is heated!!! They have a number of interested parties, I would like to have that RE commission 3.2%!! or even the buyers agent at 2.8%
  6. Dirty Water

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    I'll buy two.

    I was looking for a few more summer homes.

  7. RockSet N' Grade

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    I'm not you think he would accept cash?
  8. ksss

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    That guys owns the entire mountain as I understand it. It will be interesting when it is done to see who buys it. A house like that in the neighborhood certainly will drive up the property taxes (which are plenty steep in MT anyway). I was expecting something more for the money than that (thats a "typical" shack on the mountain) maybe the photos did not do it justice. When I am up there next, I'll see if I can locate the house and snap some better pictures.
  9. 2004F550

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    Yea i've seen a TV show on that house, its got a lot more to it then a private ski moutain and many other things
  10. dirtybiz

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    2 million just to do the driveway, helicopter landing pad, the lowers the helicopter inside the house with the push of a button, own ski run, indoor/outdoor pool, it's got it all! Would be awesome to do some landscaping on that thing, imagine the budget.

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