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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Springmeadows, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. Springmeadows

    Springmeadows LawnSite Senior Member
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    I have a company that keeps calling for maintenance quotes for a site in my area. I looked at the site and then got their insurance requirements. It says they want me to add them as a coinsured on my truck and general liability policies. I don't think this a good idea at all, but wanted some other views on it. I have already turned this deal done a year ago, now their back wanting me to do again.

    I hate turning down work when I need it, but why do I want to insure their company too. What if their involved in a lawsuit and I'm dragged into it.

    Then comes their pay which is laughable for maintenance. Something like $25.00 per visit. The site which needs the work is about a 2.5 hour maintenance account per week.
  2. lilweeds

    lilweeds LawnSite Senior Member
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    Most companies require the additional insured clause. As for level one I have no direct experience with them, but have heard some no so great things.
  3. Springmeadows

    Springmeadows LawnSite Senior Member
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    Man, I really have concerns over insuring another company on a site I work on as well. It's unlikely but what if they have someone else do something on the site and I get blamed for it... I am not comfortable with this setup and have declined the bid...
  4. nhpatriot

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    I would heartily recommend staying clear of them. They courted me for an account on a Blockbuster Video up here this year that has now gone out of business a few months later.

    They were offering me $35 a visit, which sounded good since the person told me "I think that it's just for blowing off the front and rear entrances, and maybe a few parking spots out front"

    But then the contract came, something like 20 pages. And I wouldn't sign it, and they wouldn't even give me a walk through. They said that nobody, including the store manager, knew the boundaries, just sign it it will work out. They bounced me from people in Florida to people in Mass on the telephone, all of them trying to get me to sign. I finally told them that I didn't want the contract, and that they had wasted enough of my time, but it wasn't the end of it. They kept calling, always someone new, asking me to go service the property and sign the contract.

    Finally I found out through one helpful person in I think Florida what the scope of work was. Turns out they were trying to get me to take responsibility for like half a shopping plaza for thirty five bucks a week. Boy was I pissed.

    Furthermore, you have to go into the store on every visit, record times, fill out an extensive sheet duly signed by the manager, and get it to Level One immediately if you want to get paid. All for crap pay.

    These guys are not worth doing business with in my opinion.
  5. johnslandscaping

    johnslandscaping LawnSite Member
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    don't do it! To much bs for little pay. between taking pics ( before/after/signs),record times,etc. this company is a joke I had this problem with them for snow plowing.
  6. PLS-Tx

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    Yes they are a joke, they want you to call every week from the property to let them know you are servicing it.

  7. BCFLawnLandscape

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    I agree.... I ran like hell when I saw all the requirements that they were asking for. Stay clear of them, they want alot of work for not alot of pay!
  8. Springmeadows

    Springmeadows LawnSite Senior Member
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    It's the impression I got when I saw their requirements. I have turned it down a year ago and now again this week. They said they would reduce the insurance requirements to help me get it, but I still said no.
  9. PLS-Tx

    PLS-Tx LawnSite Silver Member
    from Texas
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    Good for you, saved yourself a lot of headache.

    Here is a thread I started a while back asking about them.
  10. familylawncare

    familylawncare LawnSite Member
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    Steer clear... Too much paperwork, and they always find a reason to not to pay you. Even when you think you have satisifed all bs requirements. We are still awaiting payment for an "emergency" mulch job done in april.
    Seems like they have too many chiefs and way too few indians!

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