Anyone a BBB member?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by tpirobert, Mar 16, 2001.

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    Costs $125 a year here in FL, i thought about joining but seems all you get is a ribbon cutting ceremony with a city official and a free Breakfast one saturday a month. I sleep in on sat, and work out of my house, not for me. I did however get the urgent message, and returned the call after I got home in the middle of summer, after getting ripped off by someone, so I dont think they will be calling again lol.
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    Throw your employees a pre-season party you will get more bang for your buck. The BBB is a private business that quite a few people believe is a government institution. That have no legal power over businesses and their arbitration policies in my opinion are a joke.

    Treat you employees to a pre-season bash and you will reap a greater return.

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    I was a member awhile back but thought the dues increases up to about $300.00, were to much. There is also no rule saying a mad customer has to go thru them for arbitration, they can still sue you, even if you are a BBB member. I think it is a good organization but there fees are to high for the benefit recieved in my book. I think SIMA would be a much better investment.
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    I wouldn't touch them with a ten foot pole. As with others, I have had bad experiences with their 'arbitration', and what they consider to be a resolution to the problem (The shop gave me back my VCR, in pieces, but did give me my money back as well. Problem solved, right?) I also feel that you do not have to belong to an organization in order to provide high quality and professional service (which I have yet to find from any BBB member). I will actually steer away from someone who promotes themselves as a BBB member.

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    Well, 13 negative comments on BBB membership so far. I think I'll politely decline their "invitation". I greatly appreciate all the comments shared. This re-enforces my gut feeling about the BBB.

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    G&S PROFESSIONAL LANDSCAPING SERVICE is a proud member of the better business bureau,along with membership in the Ohio landscapers association,We are a professional customer service, landscaping company,Membership in these organasations helps us permote a sound company that will be here for our customers for a long time,Both of these organasations require a list of refercences of your past custoners, and are looking at good business practices,Since joining these organasations we have seen a large number of new upper scale professionals looking for our service,we use these logos on all estimates ,billing,business cards-on our trucks and trailers.All i can say is these organasations will benifit your company, and project to potentional customers a positive image of your company.It works for us,and if your are in the cleveland area please dont use the BBB, OR OLA that more business for us.
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    Comedian George Carlin said, "Who do you complain to, if the BBB rips you off"!
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    Organization. Maybe the BBB is an organization for ignorants and charlatans, too?


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    thank you Albemarl lawn -for pointing out a spelling mistake,I will use spell check from now on. And have a great day!
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    I got a call from them last year and knew immediately it was a scam. Telling me how good my complaint record was and that by joining them I could keep it that way, give me a break.
    If you really want to join a local association, look into your local chamber of Commerce. They have decent rates on Health insurance and local business people in your area.
    The BBB is a bunch of Scumbags

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