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anyone buy Gopher recently??


LawnSite Silver Member
The threads here in our archives are overall very positive about this software. I have been very impressed with Mike's responses to a number of questions I've had.

If anyone has purchased this in the 6 moths or so , I;d appreciate your feedback on:

1. ease of install
2. learning curve
3. functionality
4. customer service

Mike told me they are working developing an invoice program that will dync with NEBS...that would be a big improvement if they can do it. Am also interested in the module they're working on for the Palm OS

I;ve pretty much narrowed it down to Gopher and Lawnmonkey. Clip and Grndskeeper I;m not interested in

thanks for your input


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South Jersey

If you have any questions re LM, please PM me. I've been using it since 2000 I think. They used to sponsor this site and were very involved w/ their forum here. I think you have narrowed it down to the best 2 programs as far as bang for your buck and customer support go. I haven't demoed Gopher, but thats because I'm happy w/ LM. Alocet has recently spent more time developing their other program (Qxpress), but promise anithre upgrade to LM in this calendar year.


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I'm very happy with Gopher. I tried clip and didnt really like it as much as Gopher. That and customer service has been great.