anyone carry mace/pepper spray

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Feb 6, 2004.

  1. bobbygedd

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    last year alone, i had a "run in " with 3 dogs, mean ones, vicious man eaters, and of the 3, i lost 2 of the jobs over it. dog#1: looked like some kind of inbred between a husky and a german shepperd. the thing would go to every window where i was wacking, and growl and bark at me, it had huge teeth. one day, when mommy and daddy weren't home, thier teen age daughter apparently sneaking her boyfriend over, opened the door to let him in, and the killer beast ran right by her and came after me. i had been edging the beds and had a shovel in my hand, was able to keep the monster at the end of the shovel. finally the girl came and grabbed him. i was very upset, yelling at the girl, her boyfriend, and the killer dog. called her father that night, told him i made it very clear that dog should be in the house while i'm there, i was a bit loud i'm sure,told him next time i would bludgeon the dog to death with whatever was in my hand, and also threw in the fact that his sweet little girl was having male companionship while his back was turned. next week when i went to mow, it had already been done. dog#2: some kind of mutt, meaner than the first one, they would leave the back door open, and the only thing separating him from me was a screen door. he would growl and bark non stop while foaming at the mouth. i called and said, "i quit!" dog #3: i was in the back yard, never saw him, till he jumped out from behing the shed. came after me, i had the 48" and kept that between us, he wouldn't let up, so i went after him with it. he ended up running out of the gate, and i locked it so he couldnt come back, i finished mowing, skipped the blowing and wacking, dog was gone when i opened the gate back up. customer called screaming, i screamed louder, still have the client. so, anyone carry mace or anything as protection?
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    I think in those situations I would get the 45 Smith out of the truck and carry it with me just in case. Actually I've done that before. When I had a HUD contract several years ago I had to keep the 45 in plain view on many properties to keep the gang members back. Anyway, back to the dogs. In some places the houses next to the one we were cutting would be a really vicious dog with just a small fence seperating us. I would carry the 45 and had every intention of blowing his head off if he came over the fence.
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    About Pets.People very the very lives of their pets more than other human beings Pretty sad reality.
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    How long will a dog bite hurt you? a week ? a month? a yr? longer? Heck I provoke them. One minor bite is worth more than I could earn in a couple yrs and a mauling I'm set for a looooong time and like you said probably going to drop you anyway. Bobby keep repeating "whats in this for me" lmao

  5. OP

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    mac, now i'm no proffesional, but i think there is something seriously wrong with you. i'm afraid of dogs, very, very afraid of dogs. i don't know why, but i just am. i'm usually not afraid of anything. but, even after a dozen beers, i'll run from a toy poodle
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    I would think you would get some "beer muscles" and stand up to that vicious toy poodle bobby...LOL. Maybe even take on a Irish Setter.
  7. olderthandirt

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    toy poodle bite the ankle leaves a couple of teeeth marks show up at er, and at attorney then collect check for $5-7.5K check grows in proportion to size of bite LOL Heck you probably been in a bar and got more damage from a little minor altercation than from any dog and you did not get paid for that. Whats in it for me?

  8. Green Finger

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    I'm with Hoss,

    when I first started out. Had some clients in the ruff end of town. Had to be prepared. You had to be finished working by 2:00pm (equipment loaded and in the truck) because thats when everyone was awaken and came outside.

    Thank God for looking out for me.:gunsfirin
  9. JB1

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    we mow one about three big dogs up in windows growling and slobbering chewing on the couch, would love to eat us up, I just yell shut up makes them madder, one of these days they'll come through that window, one of the guys said I ain't afraid of them when I got a weedeater in my hands but these dogs would eat the weedeater.
  10. WeatherMan

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    Toy poodle Come on harmless

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