Anyone Converted A Ferris SRS Z2, Scag V-Ride II, Or Bradley 52SC Stand-on Mower To Propane?

Discussion in 'Alternative Fuel Forum' started by The Swamp Fox, Sep 7, 2019.

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    I'm in the midst of planning an initial equipment roster for a new solo lawn maintenance operation. As mentioned in a previous thread, I believe a stand-on mower with a 52" deck running on propane would be ideal for my purposes. My research has led me to four different makes/models at this point, listed below in order of general preference:
    1. Ferris SRS Z2 (52")
    2. John Deere QuikTrak 652R (52")
    3. Scag V-Ride II (52")
    4. Bradley 52SC (52")
    Of the four, only the JD QuikTrak 652R is available with an OEM propane conversion kit. My local Ferris, Scag, and Bradley dealers were not familiar with propane conversion options in general, much less for the specific models listed above.

    I am fairly confident that I can source EPA-approved propane conversion kits from non-OEM sources for the various engine models available with the Ferris, Scag, and Bradley stand-ons. However, I am uncertain whether the chassis of these mowers will provide the proper space for / be compatible with the requisite propane bottle mounting straps.

    The Ferris SRS Z2 — my top choice, all things considered — appears particularly problematic for conversion to propane. On many stand-on mowers, like the Wright Standers and the JD QuikTraks, I've seen the propane bottle mounted in place of the fender-mounted gasoline tank or over the opposite side fender.

    However, the Ferris SRS Z2 has a centrally-mounted fuel tank inside the operator tower. The deck lift mechanism and oil guard assembly block access to the trim side fender, while the battery is located over the discharge side fender. Meanwhile, the space in front of the engine is obstructed by a heat / debris shield.

    Shy of making warranty-voiding modifications to the chassis or trying to squeeze a propane tank inside the operator tower, I'm unclear on whether the Ferris can support the requisite propane bottle for such a conversion.

    I am very interested in hearing from anyone who has successfully converted or operated the Ferris SRS Z2/Z3X, Scag V-Ride II, or Bradley 52SC mowers on propane. Any insights they can provide regarding tank mounting options and effects on overall machine balance would be a huge help.
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    I had a 36" sentar with propane and had to take it off due to tank reducing visability. It was over the deck.
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    Given the operator position on the Sentar, I can certainly see how that could pose an issue with visibility. Thanks for the tip — I'll be certain to check visibility on any proposed mounting solutions over the front of the deck for the above models.

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