Anyone cut Zoysia????

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Albery's Lawn & Tractor, May 8, 2007.

  1. Albery's Lawn & Tractor

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    I have recently added a new custumer that has a very beautiful yard and a huge million dollar house. He hire me b/c his last LCO wouldn't cut at 1.5" like he asked. Now I know this should be cut with a reel mower but no one but golf courses has them around here. The past two times I used the gravely 260Z it it cuts fine leaves a nice stripe but I have to doulbe cut several areas. So my question is do you think my Tank M60 w/ a 25hp Kawi would be able to handle the yard with a mulch kit? The yard has several flowerbeds close together and I can't help but get grass in the beds and it takes 15 minutes to blow them out. I've tried a chute blocker but it doesn't work to my satisfaction. Any ideas???
  2. Back40Lawns

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    We cut Zoysia everyday here(Memphis,TN) We do it with a Walker 42" and with a Toro Z 60". As for the 1.5" cut...If he is measuring it, then pass. Really picky customers can rarely be pleased and will not be worth the headache.
  3. Patriot Services

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    I would pass. I have a couple Zoysia lawns that get cut at 2.5. Any shorter and it better be as smooth as a pool table under it or you will scalp it deep for sure. I think the customer wants a putting green for a yard.:usflag: :usflag: :usflag:
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  4. Albery's Lawn & Tractor

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    Its a smooth yard and he doesn't check the height but lets face it you can tell when someone cuts at 3 and when they cut at 1.5. My question is how does zoysia do when you mulch? It's a thick grass and I don't want to dog my mower but this is the nicest house/yard in a very high end community and if I could mulch it and not have to deal with clippings in the beds I'll pay the money for the mulch kit.

    Back40Lawns: Does the Toro have a mulch kit on it?
  5. Mark in MD

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    I can't even imagine mulching a nice zoysia lawn. First of all, the lawn is so thick, it produces substantially more clippings than fescue. Secondly, you're cutting it so short, there's not enough room to hide the mulch within the yard.

    If it's nice, I pick up the grass. But you better believe I charge a lot -- not just for the additional work, but for the misery of having to breathe in and walk through all the dust that is produced. When I'm done, I'm filthy from head to toe.

    If it's a crap yard and the people don't give a damn about anything except saving money, I let it fly.
  6. dave k

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    What type of Zoysia is it? Meyers, Emerald? I have Emerald at my home here in Ga. and when I get lazy I use my Walker and I do cut it at 1.5 inches, cutting the Emerald any lower with a rotary mower won't look good, I use a Locke and also have a Tru Cut to cut with, I just sanded the yard and its recovering nicely. If he's willing to pay, pick up a 36" locke reel or a used tri cut reel. Good luck. Or just get a Walker and bag it, it will look real nice and you can use it on other lawns as well. I wouldn't suggest mulching Zoysia.
  7. Albery's Lawn & Tractor

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    Its Emerald and the lot size is about 1.5 acres so a push mower is out of the question. I thought about buying a used commercial reel mower but I only have two yards where I could use it and the other one isn't super nice so I doubt they'll pay more.
    I only have a few sections that are fast growing in this yard so I double cut them, but I would like to mulch the front where the beds and a very nice fountain are.
  8. dave k

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    My yard is an acre, I have about 32k sq. feet of sod, Go with the Walker, keep the blades sharp and collect the grass and it will look really good, mulching won't work cutting that low, do you cut it every week? Emerald grows real slow but even so with 1.5 ac you will have a boat load of clippings at least I do at my house. Good luck
  9. Albery's Lawn & Tractor

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    Yeah I cut it weekly. We don't bag, nor does any of the other real LCO in my area, its either mulch or discharge. I just bought the mulch kit and I figured its worth a shot and I can use it on several of my other yards as well.
  10. sandman23

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    I love my mulch kit. I have one on my metrohp 36 and my lazerhp. I cut Zoysia, and Bermuda at very low settings (1.5" - 2.0") and you cant see the clippings. If over grown, I sometimes double cut or use my blower to disperse clippings. Around here, Zoysia looks real good at 2".

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