Anyone deal with Complete landscaping that handles Bank of America?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Ramairfreak98ss, Apr 26, 2010.

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    They apparently have all of NJs Bank of america contracts.

    We bid a slew of places for them, and then more places, and then landscaping and then maintenance etc. I finally said enough is enough and would not look at any more sites until they awarded us some work.

    The little last minute cleanup jobs here and there still didnt make anything in the end considering the amount of hours that went into extensive bidding processes.

    They basically took our full package $7k bid and gave us per location numbers between $600 and $2200 per season for the same work... I had assumed this was for lawn mowing only, but then they tried to stick us with mulching...

    we get a call a month ago now, they want to know about our "schedule" for mulching their 20 locations. I was confused,thinking they only wanted lawn mowing, then the told us that we signed up for ALL services for those below dirt cheap prices. I quickly informed them they must find another company for those rates.

    They call around i guess, get in touch with another company, happens to be a buddy of mine, and kind of do the same thing, setting him up for multiple counties with lots of work for dirt cheap prices.

    For a 2+ acre location, $2200~ per season, they wanted 26 lawn mowings, 4-6 fertilizer applications, spring/fall cleanup, leaf removal, hedge/trimming in spring, irrigation start/winterization, about 15-20 yards of mulch, bed edging, parking lot blowing of a jeez, 100 spot lot :dizzy:

    Get this, here are their payment terms! You start mid march on their sites.
    You bill them May 1st-January 1st... they have 45 days to pay lol
    So you work march/april/may/most of june and do ALL the lawn cutting, cleanup, mulching, trimming, irrigation, ferts and you FINALLY will get a payment by around June 15th as your first compensation for all the work, hah.

    Not only is that bad enough, but you only have 4 hours to respond to any emergency situation such as a downed tree etc... thats 4hrs from the time the bank calls the management company, to them calling you, you looking at the site, quoting the job and starting so that they can commence with their business. Im sure some of the problem is the BOA is a crappy company to work for or deal with PERIOD.

    SO, if anyone wants extra work, call them up lol, talk to Laura the owner of this huge landscape management firm, you will surely be amazed at the lack of education this person has in business, and the landscape industry in general. She talked down to us many times on the phone, couldnt understand why "NJ people" wouldnt quote/look at 100+ locations just because she asks, kept promising BIG landscape jobs even though nothing ever came of it and then finally, "the Bank of america woman in charge of the decisions was out on maternity leave", right when we were to start their landscape maintenance with no other contract for the "big work". I swear this company just popped up yesterday and landed their first real contract with these banks. They wanted irrigation opened by the first week of April, wanted the MAIN focus on appearance and fertilizer applications for the lawns but then paid less than $15 an acre with mowing/ferts combined!
    Anyhow, im glad we didnt get into much with them.

    They also apparently just canceled their contract with the other company i know because they said that his 4 lawn maintenance crews were not substantial enough to service their 50 properties.. bajesus... after they did about 30 or 40 site cleanups by mid April for them... so much for the 30 day termination agreement.

    So here is their website. After dealing with them for months, id just like to hear if anyone has gotten the same type of phone calls.
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    Now don't this make you wonder why all the mortgages failed? Hell I just heard today thats what Sachs is fixing to be drilled on tomorrow setting up mortgages that would purposely fail.

    Credit cards? same deal

    And we have to wonder why our government had to bail them and the other banks like them out? :hammerhead:

    Looks like banking wasn't the only thing they schemed with.

    But wait; its your business and you have to deal with them paying you on their terms? Do you let your other customers pay you on their terms too? I'll put it this way my dad always said "what you do for one you best be prepared to do for the next person". So here's what I'd be saying; you let any of your credit card holders pay you without interest after 30 days? :clapping:

    15 days (45-30=15 days) get charges at 22% interest :laugh:

    My dad always said whats good for the goose is good for the Gander as well.
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    Just for that very same reason...........I see a new LCO at our local branches each season. We bid 4 branches last year and was told we were way out of the ballpark on their budget.
    We will either make money doing these accounts or they can find another jack to send to Jill!

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