Anyone do any interior demo?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by icex, Sep 12, 2013.

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    One thing that I forgot to mention is the fixtures in the store I SOLD, so there was not disposal on them... I was going to get PAID for them. I also could bring in my bobcat to do much of the removal of debris. It all depends on the situation, you have restrictions that I didn't have, and I also had factors you don't. I had other means of income off the job(the fixtures), had free disposal of some things(the ceiling tiles), and also had some costs you don't(I HAD to use their dumpster company), variables from location to location(dump fees, prevailing wages). No one on a website can cost out the job, or bid it for you. You have to figure out what your costs are, add in the profits, and try and make some money on it. I wish I could just give you a number on what to charge but I cant.
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    I've decided not to bid on the project. Theres just simply not enough time to crunch the numbers, look at the site ect because they want it started first thing monday morning. If we would have known atleast 1 week before, then we could have put a bid together, but they called and wanted the numbers overnight which just isen't possible without looking at the site and seeing what their wanting done. Thanks for the help though
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    Asbestos could also be a factor, especially in the carpet glue and Sheetrock joints.
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    Put a high price in, worst case you get the job make good money. Or they say no thanks and still call you for the next one.
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    I think you made the right choice not to bid on this project. With the time constraints, unless it is something you do all the time, there was too much margin for error in estimating. Just mentioning asbestos means that you "should" have time to make sure it isn't present and a week isn't much time to get all that in order along with making sure your insurance meets the requirements of the store and having them sign off on everything.

    I am getting into demolition slowly because there is a lot to learn and a lot of regulations. One of the things I fight out in a rural area are competitors that bid a job and don't figure in disposal. They just dump it on a ranch or in a hole which is illegal but nonetheless they do it. That makes it hard to be competitive on the bidding. You want to make sure you put in enough money to make a profit yet not be so high that the low ball fly-by-night's beat every estimate. Having enough time to bid helps to be more competitive.
    Good luck on the next one!
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    I hear you on that one. I bid a small house demo only a couple of miles from mine. The guy that won the bid (don't know him) has property that backs up to a road about 300 yards from my place. The small house is now a neat pile of rubble sitting back there now. It sits next to a nice stack of 12" thick concrete slabs he put out there from another job. :rolleyes:
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    You can do an anonymous complaint with TCEQ. What he is doing is illegal if he plans on burning it or burying it. The rest of us that follow the rules need a level playing field. That's why games have referees, and business has rules.
    I'm sure his neighbors won't appreciate him dumping potentially hazardous materials that will filter into their wells or runoff into stock tanks.

    I have cleaned up my share of ditches, creeks, sink holes, etc., where billy bob decided to make an illegal dump. It affects someone down the line whether it is intended to or not.
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    It seems I get a couple calls a year to bid similar work at malls and strip malls. I have never bid on any of it. I have done large interior demos of schools and commercial buildings and I like those jobs, but if it can be done with a laborer and sledge hammer you can assure yourself there is no money in it or at least not enough money for company that would have to park yellow iron to accomplish it. Here, the carpenters that are doing the rebuild usually do the limited demo for those types of jobs.

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