Anyone do dredging?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by stuvecorp, Oct 6, 2008.

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    There was a article in the local paper about a father/son company that is doing dredging on one of the lakes. They are dredging approximately 200,000 cubic yards for $2 million, they have been at it this year and will likely finish next July. I looked up how much a dredge costs and matched the model from the picture and they gotta be laughing to the bank, even though their bid was $1.2 million less than the next bid. It just intrigued me some, it is probably very boring but it seems that for that kind of money. Anyone familiar with this type of work?

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    Gps baby keeps you on track
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    No, but I think I might move to Wisconsin and get in the biz! Might even buy me one of those Duck boats too!:weightlifter:

    How much for the dredge machine?
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    I found dredges for $80,000 to $260,000. They were the same brand or model. On the manufacturers website they had how much yards per hour they can pump and what the company estimates per hour to cost per hour. They listed 150 yards per hour max flow and around $122 per hour for fuel, maintenance, labor so you do the math. How bad can insurance, bonding and complying with whatever the DNR can throw at you?
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    It depends on what kind of dredging they are doing. I'am surprised they would be dredging a lake bottom how big is the lake.

    You can't just jump into dredging work you have to put out a good chunk of money. Clam bucket is the cheapest you need a barge, crane and clam bucket. You have all kinds of enviromental regulations to follow.

    Any time dredging is done on the coast you need permits etc from the gov't and fisheries.

    I would like to see the news story its hard to beleive that somebody that has only been in the business for 1.5 years can be dredging. Usually pile driving companys do dredging as part of the services they provide.

    This one dredging company in B.C.
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    You need a good, wide open area to dispose of the dredging tailings, especially if it's a pump type dredge.
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    Might want to rethink how you bid!!!!!!

    Here last year they dredged our lake,they was from way down south.But learned a new lesson the hard way.

    Dredge didn't like the old oak stumps left behind when they built the lake CCC long time ago:cry:.They never counted on stumps.It was their worst nightmare.Was pumping 1/4 mile to silt holding pond,and the water was deverted back to the lake.

    It was also dry year,so they wasn't getting enough water back to the lake fast enough to keep the dredge a float.So had to stop or slow things done so they could keep going.

    Blew the motor into the job about a month.Kept plugging the machine from the oak roots and stumps.Break a bunch of heads.

    I'm pretty sure they won't be bidding something here again before doing more researching ,next time.

    Just a few things that you might not be thinking about.:usflag:
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    I don't think I'll be talkin' like a pirate anytime soon. When I read the article it just seemed that there is alot of room in contract, there must be some serious maintenance with them. But doesn't it seem like alot of money for what they are doing?
  10. Construct'O

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    Money sounds good ,but you would have to set down and pencil everything out ,just in case????

    It was a major job getting the dredge moved in and out.Plus all the piping to pump to the holding pond,installing and removing.Because of the age of the lake they didn't want any trees removed to install the pipe.

    Also if the dredge lost enough pressure to keep the silt moving through the piping and stalled it was a major job getting things cleaned out and going again and that was another issue because of the stumps.

    Plus all the lost time getting the job done.It took them close to 2 years,but sure if not for the stumps and other problems they could have finished a lot sooner.

    Might want to take a boat anchor and drag it across the lake you want to dredge before a guys bids:laugh:

    Just a lot more to it them meets the eye like in all our jobs at times.It always looks greener over the fence,lets say.:usflag:

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