Anyone do garden/lawn art?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by jd109, Jan 19, 2013.

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    Hi guys I've been browsing here for a while. I've been thinking lately about branching into some art creations as customers are always asking about it. Just wondering if anyone has ever done this? I anticipate I will need a welder and some type of metal bender. I found these ones:

    Was wondering what they were like?

    I anticipate it will give be the ability to deal with bigger materials if I need to later. I've already got some designs in mind. I liked these ones because they are lifetime warrantied,American made and are ready with dies when they arrive.

    Anyway just looking for some advice or tips from anyone who has done this before.
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    I don't do my own fabrication, but I design pieces. I also look for really cool and unusual pieces for my clients.

    It comes down to what kind of business you have and what kind of clients you service. If your clients love the yard and will happily spend money on a random piece of art, AND they would look to you for help sourcing that, you have a ready market (assuming your metalwork is good, of course)

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