Anyone do tilling?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by kartracer2000, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. kartracer2000

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    Was just wondering if anyone does any tilling. I thought about adding it this or next year. Whats the going rate for this. I would probably get a rear tine walkbehind. thanks
  2. wmcrum6

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    I started tilling gardens and flower beds about nineteen years ago. Later I added lawn services, landscaping. etc. I still enjoy my May/June tilling season and have a long list of customers. I will say in the past twenty years less people are putting in gardens and the ones that do put them in are making them smaller. I give new calls an idea on the phone of what the cost will be but also tell them that I will give them a firm price once I arrive for the job and look over the situation. It is amazing how many people that cannot measure size. Also, they do dumb things, like adding two feet of manure or compost. As for the rate, you need to look at your travel expenses and gas costs. With a good rear tine tiller, most jobs are going to be 30 minutes. A new cut may take you a little longer. My rates are 40 to 60. I try to schedule my previous customers by zones, to cut down on travel costs.
    I used a Troybilt horse for many years and it is a good tiller. The new ones as durable but still cut well. Purchased a BCS, 13hp with a honda, and a 33 inch tiller box. I believe this is the best tiller on the market. Bought mine on ebay. They are a chunk more money then the horse but it will pay for itself in a season. I do 50+ gardens in the two month period. (Ohio)
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    I don't do commercial lawn care but I own a front tine tiller. It is so expensive to get someone to till the place I just bought one and it worth every penny of it. It is expensive to rent. If you do a few a year, it worth your while already. If you are not going to do a lot of lawn, get a middle of the road type. I was looking at the Honda Mid tine tiller, more manuvable than the rear tine.

    BTW, I just till my yard again today, I can't decide what to do, so I just till the yard twice a year to keep it clean!!!

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