Anyone do trade shows?

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by RLI Electric, Sep 27, 2010.

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    I am looking to do a Garden Trade show this upcoming year and I was wondering if you have any suggestions for it. I have never done a trade show before so if you have advice on things (don't feel limited to just offerings) please let me know. It is a 4 day long show so any advice is welcome. Such as taller chairs to put you closer to the standing position. It sound ridiculous but I have been to trade show and watched people in their booth sit down only to stand right back up again. Do this a couple hundred times a day and I would assume that it gets exhausting. I am just speculating but it seems as if this minor thing can be resolved in a more ergonomic way making a show much more enjoyable for the salesperson. Would you offer giveaways, free consultation for "show attendees only", anything else that I am not aware of? Thanks for any input.
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    Hi Bob. If you do a search of this forum you will find a lot of info about trade shows, booth design, tips, etc. It has been discussed in the past.

    I have not done any trade shows in years but they have been very good to me. I used to do a show in March that was targeted directly to my prospective market and that was a very strong boost for sales. One year I completely sold out my entire installation season just from the leads I generated at that show.

    Be prepared to work your butt off, and don't even bother with a stool or a seat! If you are doing your job, you won't have a minute to sit down. I can remember at one point having a line up of people waiting to talk to me. I had to resort to "culling" the crowd by looking at watches and shoes to determine who the spenders were. Good times...

    The photo is from my first trade show... around the time that the INTEGRALiter was released to market. I shared that booth with a tree service company, landscaper, and dock builder... Those two simple fixtures on the end of that dock created quite the interest and drew people in.


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