Anyone doing "organic" lawn maintainence?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Alan Oncken, Apr 25, 2003.

  1. Alan Oncken

    Alan Oncken LawnSite Member
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    We started aerating and overseeding lawns this spring as an addition to our gutter cleaning service. We have decided to forgo the chemicals and just use "organic" seed starters, fertilizers and pre-emergance. Is anyone else NOT using chemicals and just using organic's? Sure would like to hear the products you are using and any suggested suppliers.

  2. LawnGuy73

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    Are'nt you supposed to do your aerating in the fall? Thats what I learned........
  3. Gravely_Man

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    There are a few people on the board that do organic only so hopefully they will chime in shortly.

  4. You didn't learn much about it then.

    Aeration is a Spring, and Fall service, you want to do it so the turf has enough time to recover before it is stressed by Summer heat, if done in the spring. This is for cool season turf.

    However for warm season turf, you want to do it while it is activily growing, so you would want to do it while it is hot, but still give it time to recover.

    Organics.......... To expensive, lacking results, and there is no organic pre-em.
  5. KenH

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    I think you meant to say no really "effective" pre-ems. Ever hear of Corn Gluten???;)
  6. Either one.

    The tree huggers can keep that garbage too.
  7. Alan Oncken

    Alan Oncken LawnSite Member
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    I have used Nitron's Corn Gluten Meal as a pre-em by with PERFECT results (ya know, no weeds or crabgrass). Their 25 lb. bags are $10.52. They claim to have the only organic pre-em on the market!
  8. And how far does that 25# bag go?

    At the same size bag of 50# that is $7.50 more a bag then what I pay for synthetic, and the pre em round is the most expensive round.
  9. Tvov

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    How do you define "organic"?

    I have found the term "organic" to be very flexible. I have always had trouble with companies claiming that a processed product in a bag is organic. In the past I have used Milorganite, and had good results with it, but I wouldn't consider it to be very organic, considering how processed it is.

    A truly organic example of organic fertilizing would be a farmer using a "poop" flinger (substituting one word;) ). I can just imagine the response of using that on a residential lawn.

    I have always liked the original idea of IPM, using the proper product, when needed, in the proper amount for the job. If you don't need pesticides, don't use 'em!

    If this has been brought up in the past, I apologize. Really, though, how do you define "organic"?
  10. mike9497

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    alot of my customers want this service.i guess they don't like chem stuff.anyone know of companies that sell this ****.

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