Anyone 'dormant seed', 'frost seed', or broadcast seed just B4 snow?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Marcos, Dec 4, 2007.

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    Just curious how common the practices of 'dormant' seeding, 'frost' seeding, and seeding before snowfall is around the country.

    Dormant seeding is broadcasting seed over an area, typically a bare area, with the hopes of 'freeze / thaw' action working the seed in to the soil, and producing an early germination.
    The often mentioned advantage is that these bare areas are often too wet to get into in early spring...
    What are the disadvantages?

    Frost seeding is broadcasting over an already frozen expanse of area (could be bare or somewhat covered) in an attempt to allow the exposed 'pores' of the soil 'catch and hold' much of the seed upon melting.

    And seeding 'before the snowfall'....Is the success with it many old timers talk about just an old wive's tale?
    Is seeding at that time just giving yourself the placebo effect?

    I don't know about the third one for sure, but I'm a big believer and practicer of the 1st two!

    What about you?

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