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Anyone else buying supplies for next season already?


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I’ll be buying a bagger for my 60” hustler fastrak and a timemaster in the spring.


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I’m looking at another walk behind as we speak.
I ended up buying a wright stander B 32" a few weeks back. My old fixed deck 32" is just fine, but the pull start and lack of deck adjustment was enough for me to want to do an upgrade on it. I ran it for 2 seasons and there's nothing wrong with it, except that i have to pull the cord to fire it up. It will also serve as a good backup if I ever have any breakdowns with the other stander(s). The new stander B 32 is noticeably less heavy vs the old FD but it's still a wright unit. my only complaint is that my 32" B is only a a few hundred bucks less than my 52" B

Richard Carey

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You can always find good deals on equipment, supplies and materials off-season, and you would not be scrambling around as much at the start of the season, if you buy seed or other bagged product just keep in mind that you need to protect it from pests, if you buy liquid products, you may need to keep it from freeze or minimum temperatures for that product. This time of year is great for servicing equipment, replacing parts, painting cleaning ‘organizing your office/shop space.


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Payson, UT
In the past I have found some companies will discount their fert at the end of the year. This is a major expense, and so I would by it by the pallet, but that didn't seem to be the case this year. I think companies were very cautious about their inventory this year.