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Anyone else getting tired of reading "scrub?"


LawnSite Platinum Member
Garland, Texas
Anyone else getting tired of reading the word scrub on here lately? It seems like it's in every thread from someone or someone else. Quite frankly, it's getting obnoxious.

Point of this thread... I'd like to stop seeing it and for everyone on this site to be mature about everything and just concentrate on providing excellent service and customer care, not worrying about turning in "scrubs" for this-n-that.

Am I alone on this one?


LawnSite Member
I am with ya. Scrubs are here there and everywhere and in every industry. But people like to complain, whinge, cry bla bla bla.

I can't compete with scrubs and their low prices, I can't compete with big companies, I don't like the way this person does this, or that, I don't like customers, How dare anyone want a lower price, What they want me to do a better job?

* THEN my dealer is charging me to much, Another dealer is offering a better price I went to him *cough cough* and money isn’t everything is it lol

Man some of you should really look back on the contradicting posts made :)

But we are all human and as great as it would be to always be positive and not let things get to us, this is not always the case. So we come here with like minded people who know our plight and we share our complaints and all have a good b*tching session hehe. It’s good to get it out of the system now and again and sometimes there are ways around the competition that others may suggest.

I try to stay positive and not let my competition get to me, but sometimes it really helps to have a good whinge and who better to do it with then people in the know how that generally do not judge as they feel your anguish :)



LawnSite Bronze Member
Hasn't this debate been flogged to death lately?

Why did you post this?

Why this topic comes up is, when you get older, as your profile says you are 18, and you are paying off a house, raising a family, car payments etc, plus running a full time mowing/landscape business you could find your mowing biz really needs to be flying to cover your debts.

You said on another thread you aren't insured....hmmmm.

To you pay your correct taxes?


Full time?

The point being, scrubs or whatever are usually those in for a quick buck, cheap outfit, cheap everything, no regard for the professional industry, pricing, quality even some times, and many don't pay tax, many are receiving a pension etc too, not much we can do about that.

But, while you are raising families, in debt etc you really care about the industry and your survival, then you see these other guys workin for cash ripping the system, you, and the industry off by poor representation, and standards etc, in other words they are CHEATS!

Folks here talk about these cheap workers as they DO effect the industry, which is us.

When you get older certain things will matter more to you and some things you will be concerned about and will want to talk about, this is a public forum, scrubs are apart of our industry as much as mowers, if people feel they want to vent out, who are you to roam the posts defending f....ng scrubs anyway?

Not your forum mate, don't like a thread, keep out of it, we all know you defend scrubs, no need to say it in every thread....

Not trying to come down on ya mate, just you always defend scrubs then say no more scrub threads then you start one....??

You are young, you aren't seeing this subject in the light many of us are, it's a age thing probably, you will reply angry most likely but you will see why cheats hurt our business and will care more then.

I'm not going to debate you, this has been flogged out.