anyone else using Schaeffer Oil??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Evermow, Jun 5, 2004.

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    I started using their synthetic blend in my mower, my truck and my wifes car, and can tell a big difference in fuel economy. It makes your engine run cooler too. I also use their moly grease on my mower and my backhoe with great results- I used to have to grease the backhoe 2-3 times a day while using regular red grease, and now maybe once a day with stuff. It cost a little more that Castrol, but it's really good stuff. I personally know the sales rep in the NE GA. area, and he comes out and does an oil analasis on all your equipment free of charge before you start using it, and then three months after, then annually after that. They guarantee IN WRITING improved fuel economy, higher heat range and actually recomend that you go longer between oil changes. He goes 10,000 miles on his wifes Tahoe! I can only bring myself to go 5,000 on my stuff though.:eek: They make motor oils, 2-cycle oil, trans fluid, grease, gear oil, spay lube, fuel additive- pretty much anything made from petroleum, they make from a parrafen-synthetic blend. I really feel like this is a good product, although it is more expensive than other oil- about $30/12q case. You can save by buying in bulk, and if you buy $250 or more, you get free shipping. Check them out at
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    I have been using it in all my equipment for several years now. I really believe in the product. Ask them about oil sampleing. My guy gives me free sample kits for my equipment to find a comfort zone for oil changes. I have found places of comfort where the oil comes back good, ie. 10,000 mile changes for my Powerstroke. I think their greases are just outstanding. The fuel treatment is a good investment that also helps economy as well as engine longevity. Great stuff. I would not use their oil mix for small high rpm engines, but other then that it is super. Try their Citrol degreaser too!

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    My chopper dealer is also one of their dealers and he got me to using it and I can go longer on my oil changes....good stuff...

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