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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by lawnkid, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. lawnkid

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    While at Lesco the other day picking up some bags of fertilizer with Dimension in them, another landscaper sitting at the counter asked me how I fertilize my yards. I said usally I apply what i was buying (19-0-6) in the early spring instead of Lesco's Pre-Emergent. He told me that he uses Dimension one year and Pre-emergent the next and switches off every year. Anyone ever done this? Any good results?
  2. grassguy_

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    I have in the past used this method for Pre's. Barricade one year, Team Pro the next, Dimension etc. Unfortunately mother nature does the same trick back, hot one year, cool the next, wet another , bone-dry the next, lol. Very hard to gauge the success but with all the advantages the Dimension has demonstrated, its become the staple of choice, let alone all that yellow-staining.
  3. Runner

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    There have been no conclusive tests of any resistance to Dimension, due to continued use year to year. So, actually, from what we know now, there is no reason not to use it every year. Personally, I just don't want to use that Pre-M, again. It just turns your whole world yellow.
  4. turfsolutions

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    Runner - Led Zep fan I see

    Can I make your garden grow?
    Leaves are fallin all around, time I was on my way.
  5. chefdrp

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    this will be the first year useing Lesco pre-M. it will turn the grass yellow?
  6. James Cormier

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    Thats a good one, I really did LOL

    Let me guess first year using any fert right?

    NO it wont turn the grass yellow , but everything else will be
  7. garydale

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    used pre-m for years both wet and dry. NEVER again.

    dimension has performed great.

    don't think it is necessary to alternate.
  8. vegomatic40

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    Barricade (prodiamine) is yellow as well, but no staining whatsover. Excellent pre-emergent and I believe that Lesco carries it now as well as Pendimethalin. Added bonus is it is kinder to new turf than Dimension or Pendimethalin. Dimension's big selling point is the post-emergent control up to the 2-3 leaf tiller stages of crabgrass. I'm not sure it is worth it for that whole 6 more days of treatment/control. Alternating pre-emergents from season to season can be helpful if resistance is seen.
  9. cemars

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    I'm betting that resistence wasn't his reason for switching. I used Pre-M for several years before switching to Dimension and did notice one negative, more spurge and other annual weeds. I spent 6 years working at Lesco and used to hear this from customers but I never gave it much credence until I saw it first hand. Having said that I'll never use Pre-M again. Barricade and Dimension are both vastly superior in their annual grass prevention and don't turn my trucks yellow.

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