Anyone ever get good tips on a job

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by nepatsfan, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. nepatsfan

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    We did a patio, firepit, walkway and some plantings for a customer of ours. A few days ago the woman who lives there gave me a bose bluetooth. She said that her and her husband noticed I was on the phone all the time and thought this would work great for me. It was a really nice gesture. This happened on wednesday. We finished the job up on Friday and the husband handed me two checks, the final payment and a tip. I drove back to my shop to unload and on my way pulled out the checks to see what the tip was and to my amazement it was a check for $400. I have gotten tips before, but I could not believe they gave me a bose bluetooth and $400. I have been working for these people for 5-6 years and they have always been really nice people but I never expected that much money.

    Anyone else have any good tip stories. My second best was $100 last year on a patio, she told me to take the guys out for lunch. Other than that, just very small amounts(which are still very nice and not necessary- like 10 or 20 bucks or buying us lunch etc.)
  2. DVS Hardscaper

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    I had a lady give me money to buy a new puppy.

    We were doing work for her while I was in the market for a puppy. She is a dog fanatic and I was telling her about various litters we were lookin at. Just making conversation.

    She was asking how much and this and that and I was telling her, not thinking anything about it.

    At the end if the job on the last day she comes out and hands me $175, and she does it so the workers could not see.

    I said "thank you, I'll divde this up among everyone here".

    She replied "oh no - that's for your new puppy". That was the cost of the Puppy we decided to get.

    I was so caught off guard and shocked!
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  3. jbailey52

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    I gotta know... Where do you get a $175 puppy?!?
  4. Duekster

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    I like it when I get good praises. I am getting more agressive asking for reviews on my work in the internet too. Also just happy to be paid as well. Must of been a good job.
  5. nepatsfan

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    Reviews are nice to get and just getting what you are owed on time is pretty good for me. I am still in shock over the whole thing.

    I also would like to know where you get a puppy for $175. We got our dog from a shelter and after it was all said and done I think it cost @5-6 hundred.
  6. DVS Hardscaper

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    In the residential construction world - there should be no getting paid "on time". Collect draws and balance paid on the day of completion. Enter in final payment in QB and e-mail the invoice stamped paid.

    I havent sent a bill out for residential /construction contracting ever. (with the excpetion of 2-3 established customers)

    And for mowing? No billing should take place. All mowing customers should be on credit card payment only. Debit their card within 48 hrs of each weekly or bi-weekly service. No mailing bills. No returned checks.
  7. zedosix

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    Usually my customers tell me they are broke after! Seriously though, a nice bottle of scotch ( I hate it actually) and my guys will at times get a tip. They never think of giving a tip to the boss.
  8. DVS Hardscaper

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    From an informal breeder. In other words from people who decided to let their female dog have one or two litters just for the fun of it.

    See, the trick is to find a pure bred with NO papers. Family pets don't need stupid papers! They need love :)

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  9. alldayrj

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    one cop gave me my dad and guy each PBA cards, another time I got 150. other stuff less than that too. funniest tip was a small sod job, lifting the rototiller out of the truck solo split my pants wide open at 8am. had to work all day and they gave me 50 bucks. did I mention it was two gay guys?? haha
  10. LindblomRJ

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    I am glad it was money for the dog. If she would have handed you a dog to divide it might not have gone over well.

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