anyone ever have this happen?


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we have this customer that we've been servicing for 11/2 years now. never a complaint. all of a sudden, out of the blue she calls and said her and her husband were gonna try and cut their own grass and if they couldn't do it they would give us a call? does anyone know what this might mean? i was thinking that maybe money was tight or something, but i don't know... i talked to her personally and she said it wasn't anything we've done.... i'm puzzled here... any help?



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Tacoma, Wa
maybe you just got to trust them and not worry about it. focus your energy elese where. Ive had the same thing happen and they came back 1 1/2 months later. go figure and the lawn was a foot high


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Indianapolis, IN
I've had several of those same types this year. "We'll cut it ourselves" or "Our grandkids want to earn some money" etc.

Nothing you can do about it. Just figure I'll pick it back up, WITH A RATE INCREASE, the first day it hits 90 degrees and they or the grandkids don't want to venture outside!