Anyone ever heard of these kinda blades??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ojpent, Mar 18, 2009.

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    I went to my dealer last week to talk about my Z and to ask if Ferris has a new deck design. After a few phone calls to Ferris, there answer was yes a new deck is coming out in 2010. I as most Ferris Z owners know that the deck likes to clump alot. So the head Tech at Ferris told my dealer to order "corner blades" has anyone ever heard of or used "corner blades" before. Even my dealer that has been a mower mechanic for 30 years has never heard of these blades. any help would be much appreciated..
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    maybe he means hi-lift blades, referring to the higher corners on the sails?? i dunno, i switched to hi-lifts on my ferris and have noticed a reduction in clumping b/c of higher velocities, plus the cut quality is better.
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    I wonder if they're like the blades I had on my old lawn-boy ages ago. Instead of the back of the blade being formed up parallel to the cutting edge these blades just had the corner formed up at an angle to the cutting edge.

    Theoretically it would take the grass from the corner of the blade and throw it more towards the center of the deck. Maybe these are the blades he was referring too. parts/ROTARY PARTS/2030.jpg

    see if that works. These are hi-lift blades for a lawnboy. May be similar

    Good Luck!
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    Mowing wet southern turf grass is the Ferris only shortcoming, so after taking several under-deck measurements on a great cutting JD 7-Iron deck I decided to fire up the cut off disk grinder and MIG welder to fabricate the 61" red deck. I'll refer to the front edge of the deck as the skirt and the underside blade compartment as the baffle. If my terminology is incorrect I'm sure some rookie will chime in soon.
    Blowout on the non-discharge side was bad, even worse when changing out the Ferris flat blades for an offset higher lift Deere steel. Bobcat blades are a direct bolt on but the lift and offset is only half way between the Ferris and JD Blades. I want to use the Deere blades because I have found nothing on the market with a greater offset and high lift wing which gives the greatest distance between the blade tip and underside of the deck. So last weekend I started grinding.
    The compartment-ized baffle had to go using a 4 1/2 in hand held grinder. Plasma would have been nice but I'm ready for a divorce yet. It's a single piece of 1/8 steel with enough bends to make it strong while slowing down the discharge for mulching, something I don't have the patience for. It was replaced by 3 pieces of 4' x 25" mild steel 3/16 thick ($17). Overlapped 2 1/2" and welded, then bent using the ramp/tail gate hinged area on the trailer, just insert a few inches and push up. Repeat until you you get the desired curve.
    Before installing the new baffle I opened up the discharge area then tacked in the new baffle. This seems to have cured the blowout problem. Discharge is improved dramatically and now I can blow off the concrete areas without the backpack unit.
    The rear baffle comes to a point rather sharply x2 and collects wet fescue that dumps clumps requiring double cutting, so they were cut back 2 inches and I welded in two pieces of double walled tubing/pipe. Iv'e never had so much grinding guts on the shop floor before this project.
    If Ferris Industries is listening just invert a 7-Iron deck and do your best not to stomp on any applicable patents when you send us a new deck in 2010.
    I know you want pictures but you will have to settle for specs:

    Before After

    Blade tip to deck underside distance 4 3/4" 5 1/4
    Discharge opening 13" 17 1/2"
    Baffle height 3 1/4" 4"
    Baffle plate to skirt distance up to 7" 2" avg across the front
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    Thanks for all the input I guess i'll find out what these corner blades are soon. I dropped the machine off on monday adn the blades are now on order. Ferris also recommended to lower the rpm a bit, because if you run high lifts to fast they'll just clump up the under side of the deck...
  6. ojpent

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    Sounds like you have the right Idea. I was going to remove my deck this winter and take out the welder since the warranty was up, but family and personal issues prevented that. Hopefully if i take all of Ferris Ideas and let my dealer do the work and the deck still has issues maybe Ferris will swap my deck out for the new design. One can only hope:laugh:

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