Anyone ever hire ex cons?


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The best mechanic I've ever worked with was in on a habitual offender charge (ATV). He made it on North Woods Law (TV show) .We had a 4,000 hour John Deere compact tractor with a broken gear range selector. He split that tractor, found a broken pin deep inside and put it back together - all fixed. While he was with us he split two other Kubota tractors repairing those as well. He must have had 300 plus parts scattered about on the floor. Three years later all tractors are still in service.


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I just never got caught for any of the things I did, otherwise I very well may have been a convict. Unless I could afford a good lawyer like Jackie chiles
we can all use a second chance.

I’d hire whoever is reliable, I wish there was a way to find that out Without finding out.
the star vs. old steady, the star shows up a couple days a week works hard, gone off on a bender.
steady shows up mon to fri works away not a high baller just steady.
guess who I want around.

Crazy 4 grass

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It was your choice to drink to the point where you blacked out.
You don't get drunk by mistake.
I'm not questioning whether or not it was a choice to get drunk.

I'm referring to killing someone while drunk and in a blackout. Do you think that person chose to commit the crime of murder/manslaughter or whatever, or was that a mistake? It is tragic regardless.

My point is this. In this situation I don't really think the drunk person chose to commit a crime of killing someone but rather it was a mistake.